Leaders Insolution Derma Soul Detox Mask Review


I have been fond of face masks of late and I quite like my purchases. I used only homemade packs earlier as I always had a stigma that a face pack bought off the shelf will have bacteria and preservatives. Anyway, I have kind of changed my opinion now.

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Product Description:
Derma Soul Detox Mask gently eradicates impurities, and removes blemishes and dead skin. With its Algae extract, your skin’s turnover is sped up so that your skin becomes rejuvenated faster.

o Detoxes, removing impurities
o Removes dead skin
o No coloring or artificial perfume
o Paraben (preservative) Free, Mineral Oil Free, Silicon Free, Artificial Pigment (colorant) Free
o Dermatologist tested

How to use:
o Cleanse and dry face, then refine with toner
o Apply mask 15-20 minutes. Do not leave until the mask has dried up as this will dehydrate your skin.
o Remove and tap your face for a while. Leave it around 10-15 minutes for the essence be fully absorbed

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My Experience with Leaders Insolution Derma Soul Detox Mask :

I have earlier reviewed two Leaders Insolution masks which have been excellent. And I was hoping the Detox mask would also detox my skin. But I don’t think that has happened. This is a sheet mask, and comes in a very neat-looking silver-pink foil packaging. When you open the mask, you get a very plump-looking sheet swimming in clear liquid. The liquid has a very slight medicated smell to it. The texture of the clear liquid is like water, but a little stickier.

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The mask material is made out of silk cellulose, which makes it thicker and stronger than paper, but otherwise, it feels and behaves like paper. The mask is also porous, and there are tiny holes in the mask. I quite like the material; actually, it isn’t as flimsy as paper, but still light. The size of the sheet is big and I have a small face but it isn’t a con for me. So I left it on for 25 minutes as against 15 minutes. It still had a lot of clear liquid which had not dried, so I took off the mask and squeezed the liquid out and tapped it for a few minutes. There was still so much liquid left in the mask sheet that I did two more rounds of the former. I left it for another 10 minutes and eventually the liquid did dry to almost 80%. I then washed it off my face and threw the mask away.

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When I washed off my skin, I felt the skin to be quite dry. Maybe because I left it for 25 minutes as against 15 minutes. But the earlier masks have not dried up my skin. Skin looked slightly red, like how it looks when I apply something that my skin doesn’t accept. I immediately knew this mask is not for my sensitive skin. Maybe Algae extract is not for me, though the snail extract worked wonders on my skin.

Anyway, I could see the redness, applied my night cream and was off to bed (I had to take double the quantity of my night cream as skin was just not feeling moisturized as against my usual quantity). The next morning skin felt itchy and I wasn’t comfortable in my skin. A few minutes later, I had a close look in the mirror and there it was: my skin broke out. My nightmare had come true. I am so getting used to the rounds of having excellent skin days; I try or apply something and boom, breakouts. I again need to rework on getting my skin back to normal.

Honestly, this doesn’t hurt me much because my skin is very very sensitive. For example: Few months back I couldn’t sleep too well for a few days so went for a Kerala massage (authorized and reputed). Went for some Ayurvedic tratement with head, face and feet massage. I slept like a baby that night and was super happy next morning. While I was happy I noticed my cheeks to be bloated and slightly watery. A closer look and my skin was swollen. Anyway, it wasn’t much so I went to work. The 2nd morning, my skin was completely swollen and I could hardly bear to open my eyes. I was looking a completely different person. I had to take leave and rush to the doctor (Ayurvedic) who gave me this treatment. She told me the way my skin has behaved is not important but my sleep was. And asked me to take a few weeks treatment for better sleep. I couldn’t believe my ears and walked away. Went to my dermatologist who I used to visit for more than 2 years and he couldn’t recognize me at all. He gave me an ointment and I recovered in 3 days with a lot of struggle. My wedding was 2 weeks later and all the work that I had done to get excellent skin was in vain. My idea is to not share my boring story , but for you to be extremely careful in case you have an extremely sensitive skin.

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Anyway, back to the review, I did not feel any freshness or glow or radiance on my skin which usually we all feel after applying masks or face packs. The breakouts were small and skin felt very dry. It’s been two days now and skin has calmed down a little but the itchiness hasn’t gone away.

Pros of Leaders Insolution Derma Soul Detox Mask:

• Serum quantity in abundance.
• Mask is porous.
• Doesn’t sting the face when wearing the mask.
• No smell.
• Chemical free.

Cons of Leaders Insolution Derma Soul Detox Mask:

• If detox means clearing up the face, then it broke me out.
• Lead to itchiness.
• No difference in the appearance on the skin.
• Added redness to my already red skin.

IMBB rating:

Would I recommend/repurchase Leaders Insolution Derma Soul Detox Mask?
Definitely not for sensitive skinned beauties. But if you have a normal skin, give it a try but at your risk.

I cut the mask packaging and then realized I have not taken any pictures for the review. Hence there is no full image of the product, my apologies
Thank you for reading!

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4 thoughts on “Leaders Insolution Derma Soul Detox Mask Review

  1. That kerala massage, you need to sue that center….obviously, they messed it up Megha 🙂 BTW, I haven’t still opened up my leader’s insolution mask, this week I will 😛

  2. Jomol ji, the Doctor was being so insensitive and wanted me to prioritize my sleep rather than skin. Do let me know your views on the mask that you have.

  3. Neha ji, was your face also swollen up? Mine was horrible. My 4 months of hard work to have a glowing skin for my wedding was all in vain.

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