How to keep your leather bag in good shape

Genuine leather handbags are more durable and hence more expensive. Like our skin, leather is a natural product, so it needs proper care and time to look fantastic for longer, any negligence on our part can shorten the lifetime of our favourite purse.


Mentioned below are few tips that will help you to keep your leather bag in vogue for a considerable amount of time.

Tips to keep your leather bag in good shape:

• Before storing your bags, use bubble wrap to stuff them up. Bubble wraps are better than tissues as they do not attract moths like tissue papers. You can also use old T-shirts or towels for this purpose. Stuffing your bag will not let the formation of awful creases you sometimes get in improperly stored bags. Make sure that your bag is reasonably stuffed, do not overfill the bag, as it will distort its shape.

• Store handbag in its dust bag cover or use a natural fiber soft pillow-cover. Never use plastic bags to store your bags as plastic has the tendency to collect moisture when exposed to excess humidity. Leather handbags need extra protection from humidity. Fungus, mildew, molds easily form over leather due to humidity. Always store it in a cool, dry place away from heat. Also, do not try to squeeze your leather bag to fit in place.

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Selection of Leather Goods

• Never hang your bags by their straps when you are not using them, as the stress can stretch out the handles and distort its shape. It is better to keep them on your shelf firmly.

• Undo metal fastenings and buckles on straps so that they do not leave an impression on your handbag.

• To fight unpleasant smell you can use newspapers. Crush a lot of newspapers and stuff them inside your handbag. Pull the zipper of the handbag and leave it for a few hours. The papers can help in absorbing the foul smell of your handbag.

• Leather will dry out over time so apply a leather conditioner 3-4 times a year to facilitate the durability, shine and increase the beauty of your leather bag. But keep in mind the type of leather you are dealing with before selecting the kind of lubricant or conditioner for your bag.


Hope these tips will help you to preserves the longevity of your handbags so that they continue to add colour and glamour to your style for years to come!

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