Tips To Style your Leather Pants

Tips To Style your Leather Pants

Black leather pants are no longer associated with bikers, anyone can wear them provided you know the correct way to style them. Leather pants have promoted themselves as wardrobe staple because of their versatility. They can be worn as jeans, dressier pants or leggings.

If paired right you can give them a classic dressier vibe or the boho chic look. Mentioned below are few points that will help you get the right look if you are interested in trying out the leather pants.

Tips to Style Leather Pants:

• Avoid wearing too many leather pieces all at once until and unless you are going out on a bike ride. Also try to stick with classic black colour leather, or at the most go for dark brown. Experiment with the colours in the other clothing or accessories.

• Choose a well fitted pant, the importance of right size just can’t be emphasized enough. Buy a pair that not only fits well but is comfortable too. Nothing can spoil your look more than a wrong fitted leather pants. Choose a skinny fit that grazes your ankles. Get the right fit so you can wear your leather pants with confidence.

• Pair them up with loose feminine fitting top to balance out the entire look. Leather pants grab a lot of attention or say they are a statement pieces in themselves so avoid paring them with anything that can distract vision from them. Go with classic or romantic style t-shirts, sweaters or blouses. Loose feminine tops counteract the strong leather look. Combine your leather pants with white shirt, you are guaranteed to look both – trendy and elegant. Grab a sweater or a shirt with a dropped back hem to give a little coverage at the back, as these are pants and not jeans that you are wearing. For a more sophisticated look try paring your black leather pants with a simple cotton t-shirt underneath a white blazer. For coloured pants (if you are adventurous enough) go for neutral solid colours. Avoid anything sleeveless or shiny during the day, such tops are more suitable for evening look. Avoid skin tight tops at any tops.

• Choose the right footwear if you want to rock leather pants. For a casual look opt for a stylish pair of ankle boot. But, for a more dressier look try a great pair of heels with your outfit. Studded loafers are another great options to go with.

• Go easy with accessories. Over accessorizing your attire won’t do you any good, it will only make you look tacky.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a pair and try out this trend this fall. If you’re opposed to wearing real leather you can go for the faux version and get the same look.

How do you like to style your leather pants?

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