Lemon Peel Dry Face Mask – Do It Yourself

Lemon Peel Dry Face Mask – Do It Yourself

Hello all,

First and foremost, I wish you all a very happy Diwali. May the Almighty bestow his love and kindness upon all of us and everybody else in the world and make this world a peaceful place to live in 🙂

I have been busy with Diwali preparations these days. Not doing much, just decorating things. Actually, I am making my own diyas (they are so expensive here), so that is taking most of my time. Then, have been trying to make lanterns (we don’t get lanterns here, so no question of getting a tea-light or floating candles), but I still love this place.  Okay guys, today, I am showing you a face mask that I have been loving these days. I apply it almost everyday and it is working like wonders on me.

Lemon Peel Dry Face Mask Do It Yourself

Things you need for this face mask:

Dried lemon peel powder, malai (milk cream), honey and banana.

How To Make:

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1. It is very simple to make.
2. Take a tea spoon of dried lemon peel powder in a plate. Take a small slice of banana. Add honey to it. Also, add a bit of malai.
3. Mix all the three together.

Lemon Peel

4. The mixture can be a little gooey. I mean it may not set on face properly. So, you may add a little besan to it if you wish to. Or else, you can change the consistency of the ingredients the way you like it. I want a thick layer of mask on my face 😀

Lemon Face Mask

Face Pack

5. Apply and let it dry.
6. Wash it off.

This mask works well for two reasons:

It has malai which is heavenly moisturising. It also has dried lemon peel powder that is bleaching in nature and also has oil-balancing properties. Thus the mask works well in giving just the right amount of moisture. Also, honey and banana act as moisture balancing agents and make skin smooth.  The mask will make your skin smooth, glowing and hydrated.  It gets hot here in Andamans during noon and thus I switch on AC around 11 AM and stay in the AC for about 4-5 hours each day. This strips off my skin’s moisture even though I apply TBS Vit C moisturising cream every morning. Soon, I find my skin a little stretched, but since the time I am applying this face mask, I do not even feel the need to apply the moisturizer and it does not get dry even in the AC environment.

I hope you guys like it and it is your holy grail face mask this winter 😀

Note: If you do not have dried lemon peel powder, you must make it for this season. Whatever lemons you use, do not throw away the peels. Instead dry them off in shade and finally grind it. How to grind? Sorry, I do not know.   My mum-in-law did it for me! 😀

I wish you all a bright Diwali this year, just like this sun rise that I spotted this morning from right next to my home. Didn’t I tell you I am in love with this place? 😀 You must visit Andamans.

Sunrise at Avis

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19 thoughts on “Lemon Peel Dry Face Mask – Do It Yourself

  1. nice diy!i was in andamans in my kiddy days…thoughnot remembering i have lots of pics and my mom is in love with andamans…that was the first place she visisted with my dad aftr marriage and where i was born!

    1. Hey Resma.. wow.. you were born here.. nice to know that. This place is really beautiful.. and this is also the first place I visited with my hubby after our marriage.

  2. Thanks for a great DIY. But I have sensitive skin and if I apply any oily stuffs in my face very next day pimples appears 🙁 Can I also apply this mask?? Please reply…

  3. i was all of 2yrs , when we visited Andamans ! Have loads of pic of me building sand houses 😛 Anyways..its great to know you are making diya’s and all stuff yourself :thumbs up: 😀
    Loved the idea of mixing lemon peel powder and malai ..would love to try it someday !! 🙂

    1. It really works well. And since I moved to Andamans.. I have started enjoying making things by myself. Its a good stress buster and gives an altogether different feel. 😀

    1. honey is said to have anti-bacterial properties.. I sometimes put it in my eyes for proper eye cleaning 😀 hihihi and I think curd breaks out more than malai.. malai is fine on my skin but curd breaks my dry skin out :S

    1. Nahi yaar.. this is the first time I am doing it.. coz we dont get many diyas here and whatever we get are really expensive (Rs. 8 per diya) so decided to make my own set 😀

  4. great post dear.. 🙂 bt nt for greasy oily skinnd people like me.. 🙁 loved ur idea of making diyas yaar.. 🙂 wud love to knw hw to make them.. here also diyas are very expensive if u got them by any chance.. 🙁
    happy diwali

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