Lemonade Diet Plan for Weight Loss and Total Body Detox

Fad diets are super effective when you want to lose some weight within a short period of time. Maintaining a healthy diet throughout the year is a better idea, but at times, you may want to opt for a diet that would show you results within 10-15 days – lemonade diet is one such diet plan. This diet plan not only helps you to lose weight, it also eliminates toxins from your body. Beyonce followed this diet plan and shared her success story, and this plan has since then gained immense popularity across the globe. Naomi Campbell follows this diet plan thrice a year to maintain her shape. In this post, I will discuss the effectiveness of lemonade diet along with the diet plan and other things that you must keep in mind to lose some weight.

Lemonade Diet Plan for Weight Loss and Total Body Detox

The Diet Plan

To follow this diet plan, your body must be prepared. Lemonade diet plan is divided into three phases – the first phase prepares the body for the diet, the second phase is when you actually follow it, and the third phase allows your body to shift to the normal diet.

Phase 1:

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This phase lasts for 3 days before you start the actual diet. In this phase, you have to reduce your calorie intake considerably and introduce the detox drink in the diet. During the first three days, you can have the lemonade detox drink (the recipe will be shared in phase 2) along with a fruit. You can have the fruit juice before lunch, on the first two days and then drink the detox water on day three. For lunch, opt for vegetable salad and detox water and make sure to reduce the portion of salad over the next three days. For evening snacks, you can opt for green tea. Opt for chicken or tuna salad during dinner along with detox water. You can have detox water one more time during bedtime. On the third day, make sure to have a long nap. Also, stop drinking coffee or strong tea completely as caffeine can affect the diet plan in a negative way.

Phase 2

This is the original diet plan that lasts for 10 days. In this phase, you must drink only the detox water throughout the day. 10-12 glasses of detox water throughout the day is recommended. This can be tough, but if you can stick to the plan, you will see results. However, if you do not feel okay with the diet and your body is not fine with it, move on to phase 3, but do not “cheat” while following the diet. It is okay to follow the diet strictly for 5 days instead of dragging it over 10 days with cheat meals.

Preparing the Detox Water

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It is the most important part of this diet and super easy to make too. You will need water, maple syrup, lemon juice and cyanine pepper to make the drink. In a glass of water, add two tablespoons of lemon juice and two tablespoons of maple syrup. Add a pinch of pepper to this and your lemonade drink is now ready!

Phase 3

This is when you start back on solid food again and increase the calorie intake. It lasts over three days and on the final day, you can go back to your normal diet. On the first day, try to eat fruits, fruit juice, spinach smoothie, a few nuts, yogurt over the day to break the fast, and prepare the body for solid food. Over the next two days, introduce vegetables and proteins into the diet (not red meat and carb loaded veggies like potato). You must still drink the detox drink around 3-4 times a day in this phase.

How Lemonade Diet Aids in Weight Loss:

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While the daily normal calorie intake ranges form 1600-2500, this diet plan makes your body stick to 600 calories per day. This is like fasting and your body does not get enough carbohydrates to burn and produce energy, so stored fat is used up by the body instead. This helps you to reduce fat and also lose a few kilos. You can lose upto 5 kgs in 10 days.

Detox Benefits

The vitamin C content from lemon and antioxidants from the maple syrup cleanse your body off of free radicals and helps to eliminate toxins. The minerals in maple syrup boost overall function of various organs and improve immunity. This diet would not only change your weighing scale readings, it would also improve the texture of your skin and make it radiant and healthy.

Exercising While Following the Diet

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As it is a super low calorie diet, it is better not to do rigorous exercise while on it. Some yoga and stretching exercises are good ways to keep the body active without losing much energy.

Side Effects

All fad diets have side effects and this one is no exception. You may feel nauseated, dizzy and fatigued due to starvation. Also, it is impossible to manage the diet if you have a busy and active lifestyle as you won’t get enough energy to manage active lifestyle. It also deprives your body of vitamins and minerals. You must consult a physician and dietician before starting this diet to know if your body is ready to go on lemonade diet. Also, if you can follow a healthy diet and regular exercise routine, you do not have to follow this kind of a fad diet at all.

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