Let’s Bid Goodbye to Dry Skin with These 8 Simple Everyday Measures

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As the temperature drops, comes the time to show off your boots and coats, but that also brings with it dry skin, which is not a good thing, Right? Even if you normally have an oily skin type, the cold weather always tends to dry our skin out and that’s one problem every one of us faces as the season arrives! So, I present to you few tips that will help you combat dry skin and show off your smooth and healthy skin, no matter how cold the weather is!

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1. Be a moisturization enthusiast: Just like our bodies need water, our skin needs moisturizer. We moisturize our skin when we feel it’s drying out, but the real deal is, how serious are you really about making it a routine? Even if your skin isn’t really dry, you must moisturize twice every day, so your skin is healthy and supple. Our hands are the most dryness prone areas of the body, just because we wash them very frequently. So, each time you wash your hand, follow up with a moisturizer, because ain’t no body likes dry patchy hands!!

2. Sunscreen throughout the year: I find it funny how I always have to include sunscreen in every post I write! 😀 But that is one of the most important factors for having healthier skin. Is it not? Do not leave out the sunscreen just because it’s not summer; you need it throughout the year, no matter what the season is! The sun is always on the hunt to damage your skin with its rays, so you need to apply a generous amount of sunscreen every time.

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3. Welcome lukewarm showers: A hot shower is one of the most tempting parts about the cold weather, but it is one of the main reasons that contribute to all our skin problems! Hot water ruins the natural moisture levels of the skin by breaking down skin barriers, leading to dry and flaky skin. Use lukewarm water for shorter periods of time, to make sure you do not end up with dry skin.

4. Take extra care of your lips: Your lips need as much attention as your skin, because they end up getting chapped as the weather gets cold. A hydrating lip balm shall be your best friend, and you must carry it around with you at all times! I would suggest that you avoid matte lipsticks as they have the tendency to dry your lips as well. Showing your lips some extra love is a must!!

5. Moisturize damp skin: This is one skincare trick that will help seal in the moisture level for longer lengths of time. After you are done with your shower, pat skin dry a bit and moisturize damp skin because it absorbs the moisturizer better and keeps skin hydrated. This is one of the simplest tricks for softer skin.

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6. Exfoliate dead skin away: Exfoliation plays a vital role in skin care and exfoliating at least twice a week is a must. Use a loofah or baby wash cloth to exfoliate your skin, and make sure not to get harsh with it. Getting carried away while exfoliating may give you drier skin, and never forget to moisturize afterwards.

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7. Drink water: This is again a skincare trick that one cannot avoid; it’s included in every skincare post and one cannot stress enough on the importance of water. Water keeps you hydrated from within and flushes out toxins. For keeping your skin hydrated, you can also consume watermelons, green leafy veggies, broccoli, tomatoes and cut down on friend food and alcohol.

8. Vaseline all the way: Vaseline has been a skin savior for years, and still continues to be one! It takes care of your feet, elbows, knees, lips and what not! Always carry a tiny tub with you at all times; you never know when you need it.

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