Life-Flo Pure Tamanu Oil Review

I love face oils for their skin-improving properties and feel.  Nature has abundantly provided solutions for every skin issue. Oils have high concentrations of vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. They are free of fillers, preservatives, alcohol and artificial fragrances found in regular lotions and creams. I have so far loved almond oil, rosehip oil and Kerala’s very own Kumkumadi tailam for my acne-prone, scarred, sun-damaged skin. Tamanu oil is the latest addition to my face oil collection.

Life-Flo Pure Tamanu Oil

Product Description:

Pure Tamanu Oil, from the South Pacific Island Tamanu Tree, is cold pressed from nut kernels without using heat or chemicals. Traditionally used by Pacific Islanders for its skin therapeutic properties and ability to promote healthy skin renewal.




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Tamanu oil is abundant in neutral lipids, glycolipids, phospholipids, calophyllic acid, lactone, calophyllolide, coumarins and is best known for its ability to form new tissue. It is good for the prevention of UV related cell damage and aging and acne scars.

Life-Flo Pure Tamanu Oil

My Experience with Life-Flo Pure Tamanu Oil:

The oil is very similar to olive oil in colour and texture – it is thick and green in colour, greener than olive oil actually. It smells like a mixture of mustard oil and something stronger. The bottle is made of blue glass and has no built in dropper like the rosehip oil making it very difficult to pour out the product.

As with all face oils, I started with low amounts of the product and gradually upped it to check its reaction on my skin. I first used it as cleanser to remove dirt and makeup. I moved on to use it as a mask and finally slathered it all over my face and kept it overnight. I continued this for a few more days after which I started noticing flaky dry skin on my nose and near the lips and boils on my forehead. There was slight remodeling of my acne pits – very very slight. I started applying one drop every 2-3 days. I don’t apply more than a drop like other oils because it is a thick greasy oil and that also makes it a little difficult to spread it smoothly.

Life-Flo Pure Tamanu Oil

I have been using this for almost 4 months now and though very gradually, my acne scars are improving a lot. Since some of my pits are quite deep, it may take a while before Tamanu can repair them. I don’t know if the efficacy is because of this alone or because of its deadly anti-acne-scars combination with rosehip oil.

Life-Flo Pure Tamanu Oil

No Indian brand currently supplies this, so there is no scare of poor quality oils for some time 😛 Tamanu trees are indigenous to Polynesia and that makes this oil scarce and super costly.

Life-Flo Pure Tamanu Oil

Pros of Life-Flo Pure Tamanu Oil:

  • Improvement in acne pits within a month.
  • Cold pressed oil.
  • 100% pure.

Cons of Life-Flo Pure Tamanu Oil:

  • Very thick and greasy.
  • No in-built dropper, making it difficult to pour out just a drop of the oil.
  • Overuse can cause flaking, drying and boils on skin.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase Life-Flo Pure Tamanu Oil?

If I see drastic improvement of my pits after about 9-10 months of using this, I will definitely buy this.

Do I Recommend Life-Flo Pure Tamanu Oil?

Yes, if you have pits dug into your skin due to acne, this oil with its unique cell forming ability is a good buy for you.

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