Lime Crime Velvetines Pink Velvet Lipstick Review

Lime Crime Velvetines Pink Velvet Lipstick

Hey Dolls,

A big shout out to all you lovely ladies reading my review. I sound too happy and excited, don’t I? Well, that’s because I totally am!! I am so happy I want to scream and shout and dance and eat lots of chocolate. Ahhh! Yes, let me involve you in my happiness by introducing to you Lime Crime Velvetines Pink Velvet. Yeah! You read it right. I received this beauty recently and I absolutely did not waste any time in putting it on my lips and admiring my lips the whole day. The whole day, ladies since it pretty much refused to budge. It really is a cult product. You don’t need to read on to know how much I love this baby (I declare that I love it here itself ) but read on anyway.

Product Description:

The perfect matte pink!
Ground-breaking formula that goes on liquid and dries completely matte. Touch-proof, transfer-proof, long-wearing and utterly addictive!





The Lime crime velvetines come in a one-glance-and-fall-in-love frosted, glass, cylindrical tube with red metallic cap. The cute roses that adorn the cap with Lime crime written on it make you feel silly and giddy. The shade is clearly visible through the glass and the name is written on the base of the tube. The tube itself comes in a red, cardboard rectangular box decorated with similar roses as on the cap. The word cute does not do it justice but comes close.


The doe-foot applicator is ideal for use but you have to be careful here. This is a truly long-lasting product and wise use of the applicator, avoiding slip-ups is highly recommended.

My Experience With Lime Crime Velvetines Pink Velvet:


Pink velvet is a beautiful bright, neon pink bound to attract all.


Absolutely creamy and light. Bright and shiny on application, it quickly dries to a pure, matte finish. It dries to such a perfect finish that any mistakes in application requires quick fixing. It glides effortlessly on the lips without any tugging or pulling. And here comes the deal-clincher, it does not bleed, transfer at all. It is touch-proof and transfer-proof once it sets to its matte finish.

For ladies with extremely dry lips like me, here comes the sad part, it does dry lips. But prior prepping up of lips with lip balm will reduce the effect. I am sure for ladies blessed with healthy lips (Yes, I am jealous), drying won’t be an issue. It settles into fine lines and patches if your lips aren’t well-cared for. A little care and exfoliation will give you 100% results from this beauty.


Fully paisa-wasool, that’s how good the pigmentation is. One swipe and you are all set to draw all eyes.

Lasting power:

I was bowled over by this feature of Velvetines honestly. It lasted, hold onto your seats, for 7-8 hours with meals and drinks. I mean, a full meal. I don’t think you can beat that! Though oily food did make it shiny and resulted in slight fading. It fades evenly leaving behind a beautiful stain. It is so long-lasting that to wipe it off completely you have to use an oil-based remover because water just does not have any effect on it.


Pros of Lime Crime Velvetines Pink Velvet:

• Cute and classy packaging.
• Stunning shade
• A matte-lovers paradise-gives a true matte finish
• Feels light on the lips
• Smooth application, does not tug or pull
• Great pigmentation
• Touch proof
• Transfer proof
• Does not bleed
• Really long-lasting, stays for 7-8 hours
• Survives heavy meals and drinks.
• Fades Evenly
• Vegan and cruelty free

Lime_Crime_Velvetines_Pink_Velvet_Lipstick___4_ - Copy

Cons of Lime Crime Velvetines Pink Velvet:

• Lining of lips necessary unless you are an expert in handling stubborn colours.
• Tends to dry lips
• Settles into lines.
• Availability



IMBB Rating:


Would I Recommend Lime Crime Velvetines Pink Velvet?


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    1. Really awesome! Can u believe the hand swatch began to fade after 15hours despite washing it with soap!!!! I mean that is some incredible lasting power..

  1. omg….such a pigmented shades this is…..loved it……loved it 🙂 🙂 i just wish that they were available in India 🙁

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