Lip Augmentation: Methods and Risks

Lip augmentation or lip surgery as it is popularly called is the latest craze among women these days. The desire to get that perfect Marilyn Monroe and Angelina Jolie pout is driving most of these women to the cosmetic clinics around the globe.

lip surgery
Full lips have always been considered sensuous. They make the face more visibly appealing. So it is needless to say why lip augmentation is so popular among both men and women.

Cosmetic fillers or lip implants are used to enlarge the lips and enhance the look of the face.

Methods of Lip Augmentation:

It is done by the following methods:

lip surgery1.    Lip augmentation with implants: This technique involves the use of synthetic materials filled in small tubes. Then with the help of a small needle these implants are inserted in the lips through tiny slits. The major benefit of this method is that unlike the fillers, implants are not absorbed into the body and hence the results are long lasting. The surgery is simple and takes about an hour to finish. GORE-TEX, SoftForm are the two synthetic materials used in this procedure. Alloderm is the other material, derived from human tissue that is used in this method. The results of Alloderm only lasts upto 12 months.

2.    Lip augmentation with fillers: As the name suggests this procedure involves the use of injectable lip fillers to give a fuller look to the lips. The procedure takes as little as 30 minutes to complete. The results of these fillers are temporary because in due course of time our body absorbs these fillers. Results last upto six months. This method involves the use of either Collagen based lip fillers or Hyaluronic acid based lip fillers.

•    Collagen based lip fillers: Collagen is derived from two sources.

A)    Bovine derived collagen fillers: It is derived from cow connective tissue and needs allergy test before it can be used.
B)    Human derived collagen fillers: it is harvested from the excess skin removed during surgeries. No allergy test is required before using it.

•    Hyaluronic acid based lip fillers: Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in skin and joints. Provides better and long lasting results than Collagen based lip fillers.

3.    Lip augmentation with fat transfer: In this method the fat from patients own body is taken and injected into the lips. The result of this procedure lasts from six months to more than a year. No risk of allergic reactions is involved in this procedure since natural tissues are used. Recovery takes usually a day or two.

lip surgery

Risks of Lip Augmentation

•    Chances of infection.
•    Scaring
•    Swelling
•    Asymmetrical lips.
•    Permanent stiffness in the lips.

Tips for faster recovery

•    Ice packs should be applied for first 48 hours.
•    Avoid talking for first 48 hours.
•    Do not bend or indulge in any physical activity that could increase pressure on your lips.
•    To avoid infection keep your lips clean.

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