Lip Smacker Cotton Candy Lip Balm – That’s Sounds New!

Lip Smacker Cotton Candy Lip Balm

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With the start of winters, my skin starts showing those little signs that scream “give me some more TLC”!!! Though I am a crazy about lip balms and keep hoarding them throughout the year, my love for them grows manifold during this season. The product I would be reviewing today is “Lip Smacker – Cotton Candy”. I really love the name!!! Sounds yummm and tempting!

Product Description:

The best flavor forever lip gloss softens and smoothes lips with great tasting flavor, superior moisture and lip smackin’ shine. Collect them all!


CAD 2.50 for 4 g

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My experience with Lip Smacker in Cotton Candy:

Honestly, I had completely forgotten about this lip balm. A couple of weeks ago, I was sorting my stash of lip balms and came across this one! I had bought this after I fell in love with ‘Lip Smacker – Strawberry Banana’. Bonne Bell is a very old (40+ years), respected and popular company, and Lip Smacker comes under this banner. They often have seasonal collections / releases, apart from their 7 different ranges – ‘Original lip smacker’, ‘Coca cola’, ‘Disney’, ‘Dr. Pepper’, ‘Paul Frank’, ‘Candy Shop’ and ‘Girl Scouts’. I had logged on to their website once and was amazed to see the HUGE number of flavors available!! It is crazy!!!!


It is a milky pink colored tube, with the name of the flavor printed in blue. It is a complete no-nonsense kind of tube packaging, with a cap that snaps shut. It is sleek, sturdy and extremely travelfriendly. It looks quite girly and fun, and the color does remind me of cotton candy! The quantity provided is quite good for the price. One tube will go a long way.

Fragrance / Taste:

I love all kinds of lip balms. Among the flavoured and scented ones, I prefer those with a mild smell and taste. Anything strong is a big put off for me. This lip balm does not smell like cotton candy at all! It smells a lot like some vanilla and strawberry candy (a bit like Alpenliebe lollipop!!!). Though the smell is not overwhelming and becomes milder with time, it is quite long lasting. Neither do I dislike it nor am I too fond of it. I was a bit disappointed as I had expected it to taste like some yummy cotton candy. But it has no taste as such, and is not even sweet. If it is being advertised as ‘lip smacking’, it should have some taste. This one has none. Even the ‘strawberry–banana’ lip balm had no taste as such.


It works really very well as a lip balm!! I really love the texture of these lip smacker balms. This one is super smooth, glides on so easily and has a luscious feel to it. Though it looks pale milky pink in the tube, it goes completely clear on the lips. It neither feels heavy nor extremely light on the lips. When I apply this, I can feel the balm on my lips. It is advertised as a gloss, since it has a pretty subtle sheen to it. Those who are uncomfortable wearing an out-and-out gloss might really like this. It is quite hydrating, makes lips smooth and heals dry / chapped lips as well. It works well even in harsh weather. I generally use this at night, and I wake up with super soft, smooth lips!! It is quite long lasting. Even with meals in between, it lasts for 5 hours or so. Even after the sheen wear off, lips remain hydrated.


Pros of Lip Smacker in Cotton Candy:

• Affordable
• Travel-friendly
• Hydrating
• Smooth texture
• Easy to apply
• Heals dry / chapped lips
• Works well in harsh weather.
• Smells fine and not overwhelming (vanilla lovers might adore it. I am not overly fond of it).
• Since it is completely clear, it can be easily worn under lipsticks as well.
• Non-greasy
• Cruelty-free

Cons of Lip Smacker in Cotton Candy:

• Not for those with a sensitive nose.
• Unavailability in India (it is available online on some sites. But it is really very expensive).
• Not really lip smacking, opposed to the way it is advertised.
• No SPF


IMBB Rating:


Verdict on Lip Smacker Cotton Candy Lip Balm:

Considering the moisturizing properties, it is amazing. However, I might not really buy this again and would love to try out lip smackers in other fragrances and flavors. For those who love this kind of fragrance, go ahead and buy it!!

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