Lipice Color Naughty Orange Review

Lipice Color Naughty Orange

lipice color naughty orange
Product Description
lipice not only treats your lips but also provides you with vivacious , fresh and seductive lips.

lipice lipstick
lipice color with a burst of spectacular color that keeps your lips fresh through the day.
enriched with natural beeswax and mineral oil that provide ample moisture to lips while giving you a natural and even finish.
enhanced with high moisturizing formula that keeps lips soft, smooth and nourished.
fortified with micro shine granules that gives your lips a sparkling glow
comes with UV protection that guards your lips with harmful UVA/UVB rays.
does not smudge or transfer to teeth.

200 INR for 2.3 grams, you can get it on discount , on online shopping sites !!

Variants Available:
Lipice Color – Naughty Orange
Lipice Color – Pouty Pink
Lipice Color – Flirty Mauve
Lipice Color – Crazy Brown

Direction: to color and moisturize your lips , just roll the stick and apply on your lips.

Caution: to prevent breakage , don’t turn up the stick too high .

My Take On Lipice Color Naughty Orange

Since tangerine is the “it” color this season, I thought of getting myself an orange lip color, colorbar obsessed with orange was good, but being a college student, I wanted a sober looking lip-color that I could wear without worrying about second glances from people πŸ™‚ plus I wasn’t confident enough carrying it. And that’s when I stumbled upon this lip color and fell in love with it that very moment. The lip color comes in a white and silver packaging, nothing too attractive about it just OK OK . It glides easily and is very moisturizing, it stays on my lips for a good 1 to 2 hours but make sure you exfoliate your lips well before applying it because the texture of the lip color is so creamy that if not done so your lips might end up looking bad. the lip color does not feel heavy on lips, it’s non waxy and is tasteless. Though it claims to have protection against the harmful rays there is no mention of the SPF value.
outdoor swatch
The lip color is sheer orange in color with sparkles. Some might not like it due to its sparkle content but when worn it actually comes out to be quite sober looking color. In my opinion these range of lip colors are best suited for girls who want to sport a bright lip color but don’t want to look over the top at the same time, I personally like it a lot because it does the job of a lip balm, gives a sheer color to the lips and due to the sparkle content in it works well as a lip gloss too. I normally team it up when I am wearing a Kurta to college and it just brightens up my face, though I wont recommend it to people with pigmented lips because of its sheer color. The only downside I found in the lip color is the fact that priced at 200 INR, I found its quantity to be too less , I mean, come on I could get myself a brand a new lippy with this price and it could last months compared to this lip color! :D, However if you get this on discount, it wont pinch much.

time for the pros and cons πŸ™‚
indoor swatch

Pros of Lipice Color Naughty Orange

pricing is good, if you get it on discount.
contains UV protection
gives a sheer and beautiful color to lips
non waxy and does not feel heavy on lips

Cons of Lipice Color Naughty Orange
I found its quantity to be quite less.
might not suit pigmented lips
no mention of SPF value

Will I Repurchase: oooooohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh πŸ™‚

IMBB Rating: 4/5 πŸ™‚

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25 thoughts on “Lipice Color Naughty Orange Review

  1. Nice review! but yeah I find it a bit steeper in price, may get a Colorbar lippie for this cost. anyways, the color is so pretty!

  2. Hey Anusha….Perfect review @ perfect time I bought colorbar obsessed orange after reading review om IMBB despite of my wheatish complexion and i am loving it butits too bold πŸ™‚ for everyday wear. Now this is on my next buy list as looking for similar shade fro my regular office wear

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