LipIce Color Perky Red Review

Hello sweeties,
A couple of days ago I reviewed one coloured lip balm from LipIce called “Edgy Plum” and today I have the shade “Perky Red” to review or you guys! I was actually hunting for a red tint lip balm because I have loads of pinks in my kitty. Finally got one! Now let’s see whether this lived up to my expectations or not.

LipIce Color Perky Red

Price: Rs 300/-

Product Description by Lipice:
Your lips need to voice out who you are. Choose from passionate Sienna or coral pinks or reds that remind of you embers on a cold night with LipIce’s Color Range. Indulge in our wide range of sheer colors, crayons, glosses and lip balms.

• A triple-function lipstick that works as a caring balm, passionate colour & dramatic gloss.
• Vitamin A, C, E gives your lips complete moisturization.
• Suitable for all skin types.

Apply evenly on your lips. Be glamorous, be happy!


My Experience with LipIce Color Perky Red:

Lipice lip balms are something that I have loved because they leave a beautiful tint on my lips that stay all day long. I have used the sheer ones which gave pink tint and made my lips look cuter, but I got even more excited when I saw some coloured ones online.

Packaging: One of the main reasons for picking these up is the packaging in the first place. The lip balm comes in a very cute and a pretty looking pack with butterflies all over it in red colour with sparkles and frosty fonts over it. The packaging totally stole my heart and I did not feel like opening these up at all, but had to  The lip balm comes in a metallic silver base with sparkles along with a white cap with the name. The base has a label which mentions the shade name. It can be easily carried around in the pocket, clutch or a hand-bag. The twisty thing at the bottom works very fine, so I am all cool with the packaging. The price might seem a little high because we get tinted lip balms for somewhere around 150-200 bucks but these are highly pigmented, so won’t matter!

edgy plum perky red


Shade: The shade “Perky red” looked like a light tint of red initially when I swiped it. But when I started to rub it a bit more, it developed to a very beautiful red shade. It is a bright and totally perky shade as claimed. It is definitely a bold red but not as bold as a lipstick. It does not have any visible shimmers to it but the glossy shine of the lip balm is amazing. The red pout instantly perks up my face and adds a very nice glow to my face. It will compliment all the skin-tones and it is a great one for every-day use. It makes my lips look absolutely cute and healthy. The shade is perfect for those days when I am going probably to meet my friends in the evening and want red lips, but not bold red lips! And in such a situation, this lip balm comes to the rescue. The colour melts down or I should say lightens down to a sheer red shade after an hour or so. The stain stays on my lips till 5 hours, so, very happy with the shade.


Texture and Consistency: The texture is very smooth and non-gritty. It has an amazing balmy texture that makes it glide super smoothly on my lips. The consistency is very soft but the lip balm does not chip or break while applying it. The formula is non-drying and keeps my lips hydrated through-out. The lip balm looks glossy initially, but after some-time it settles to a semi matte finish with a sheen. It does not settle in fine lines but it does transfer since it is balmy. It might dry out my lips after 3-4 hours but I won’t mind a little touch-up.


Staying Power: The lip balm looks very fresh for the initial 2 hours and it stays on my lips for 4-5 hours without munching. The colour and the lip balm get ripped off partly if I sip on water a lot or eat a lot. It then settles to a stain which stays till I remove it off. I love the staying power because none of the lip balms stay so long, so a total thumbs up for these! 

swatch on hand

Pros of LipIce Color Perky Red:

• Very pretty, colourful and cute packaging with butterflies, sparkles and frosty fonts.
• The lip balm packaging is very convenient to carry and use as well.
• The shade “Perky red” is a very stunning bright red shade which instantly perks up my face like the name.
• It compliments all the skin tones nicely and will add some freshness to the face.
• The texture of the lip balm is super smooth and glides like butter on the lips.
• The pigmentation is intense considering it is a lip balm.
• It adds a dose of cuteness to my face and it is definitely a great every-day shade.
• It keeps my lips hydrated and melts down the chapped portions on my lips too.
• The lip balm stays for 4-5 hours without food and 3 hours with food and water sips followed by a bright red stain.
• A lot of pretty shades to choose from.


Cons of LipIce Color Perky Red:

• Might turn out a little expensive at 300 bucks

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend LipIce Color Perky Red?
Yes I will get this because the tinted red balms are pretty limited. Over it the pigmentation and intensity is pretty much unbeatable as far as lip balms are concerned. Do give this a shot!

If you are looking for some decent shades for daily-wear or workplaces, then the brown, plum and the mauve are really good ones. And the rest of the shades give you nice bold and poppy pout 

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