LipIce Lip Balm Tangy Orange Review

Lip Ice Lip Balm -Tangy Orange

Hello sweethearts,

I am a big fruity fan and there is summer; the season is full of fruits, fruity scents and fruity stuff! I saw these lip balms and immediately picked up them. As they say there can be never enough lip balms in a girl’s closet, so is it with me. I am not a big citrus scent fan but as it was a lip balm I picked it up. The bright packaging couldn’t really beat my liking, so had to get it. Let’s see how this tangy one treated my lips.
Price: Rs 120 for 4.3 g

Product description

• Enriched with Lanolin and Mineral oil, Lip ice Lip Balm prevents your lips from dryness and chapping by providing them ample moisturisation.
• Menthol and Camphor give a cool and refreshing effect.
• Combination of Lanolin and mineral Oil will moisturize lips to prevent drying and chapping
• SPF 15 will protect the lips against UV ray.


My experience with Lip Ice Lip Balm -Tangy Orange

I got two new flavours, both fruity ones. They come in a bright orange and yellow packaging. It looks super cute in the wardrobe. The lip balm comes in a white and orange packaging. Since it is tiny and light in weight, it becomes easy to carry. It has this twisty thing at the bottom portion. Looks similar to all the lip balms we use. Talking about the lip balm; it has a thick consistency. Hence a little product gets used every time. Normally people do not like wearing thick lip balms; but I do because thick lips heal your lips along with providing hydration. It may feel a little heavy but it is fine. It contains SPF 15 which is very useful for hot summers. It does not provide any colour or tint to your lips.


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I would just call it a basic one. But my lips look healthy, fresh and pink whenever I apply it. The scent is a fresh and invigorating one. It has a tangy citrusy scent of fresh oranges along with a minty hint to it. It contains menthol hence it tastes a bit minty too. As soon as you apply it, you start getting a tingly and cooling sensation all over your lips. That is what the menthol does! This feature is pretty different from the other lip balms. The cooling sensation makes the lips feel fresh and relaxed. The lip balm does its cooling role for initial 25-30 minutes. Later it works like a normal lip balm. Due to its thickness, it heals the chapped lips very well and keeps them moisturized all the time. It works great for bed-time application too.


Pros of Lip Ice Lip Balm -Tangy Orange

-Pretty bright packaging and handy to carry
-Comes with a twisty thing which is easy to use
-It has a nice citrusy scent to it which is fresh and invigorating
-It contains menthol which is super cooling on the lips for the initial 30 minutes
-It is great for bed-time use as well because of the heavy consistency
-It treats chapped lips very well and stays on lips for 2 hours
-It keeps my lips healthy looking and pink all the time
-It contains SPF 15 which is a must for summers


Cons of Lip Ice Lip Balm -Tangy Orange

-It feels a bit heavy on the lips
-Not that easy to find around


Will I repurchase/recommend Lip Ice Lip Balm -Tangy Orange?

Yes I would get it again. The main reason behind getting it again would be that it contains menthol. I loved the cooling effect that it gave to my lips which I think the other lip balms won’t. This feeling gives a fresh feeling which is needed in summers. It also has SPF, what could be better than this?

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5


It is super affordable, has a minty and citrusy scent along with the healing power. I think this is a perfect combo which would be good for a routine use as well as to protect your lips against the heat.

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8 thoughts on “LipIce Lip Balm Tangy Orange Review

    1. Yes my lips have never darken up *hihi* *hihi* touchwood *hifive* they always look pink even if i don’t apply anything *happy dance* *happy dance* and i love that *hifive* *hifive* thanks a lot *thankyou* *thankyou* *hifive*

  1. I love that lipice classic tint one Saloni….its too good. Lipice lip balms are really good, agree with you

    1. Yes i know they are brilliant *happy dance* *happy dance* those which give the slight pink tint are the best ones *happydance* *happydance* they look sooo natural *happydance* good to have some *pompom*

  2. nice LOTD…..but mineral oil in a balm… *scared* *scared*
    i like my balms to be tinted..will skip this

    1. Yes anu me too love lip balms with a tint *happy dance* *happy dance* and can’t imagine how many i have *hihi* *hihi* but i loved these flavours so thought of getting them *happydance* *happydance* they are good for bed-time too *happy dance* *happy dance* *thankyou* *thankyou*

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