LipIce Lipbalm in Strawberry Review

LipIce Lipbalm in Strawberry

Hello beautiful ladies,

Winters are just few months away and to protect our lips and avoid chapping we all need a lip balm. Although lip balms are a necessity in winters, I use them all round the year, just to make my lips soft and as a lipstick base. Today I will review a lip balm called the LipIce Lipbalm in the flavor Strawberry. These lip balms comes in 4 different flavors: Strawberry, Lemon, Blueberry and Orange. I brought this lip balm from an online site few months back just to make my order eligible for free shipping. I do have many lip balms but I feel that one can not have enough balms, so I got this.


Product quantity: 4.3g

Price: INR 120

Packaging: It comes in a nice white color retractable tube red strip below the cap which mentions the flavor. It also has a cute little strawberry made on the tube.

Ingredients: List of ingredients is mentioned on the back of the cardboard, it comes in.

Product Description: LipIce Lipbalm Strawberry SPF 15 contains lanolin and mineral oil to enrich and nourish your lips. The camphor and menthol gives your lips a cool, refreshing and stimulating feel. The SPF 15 protects your lips from UV rays. It comes in an attractive packaging and a convenient lip stick like application. LipIce Lipbalm Strawberry SPF15 gives your lips that attractive and striking look. It’s just right for a day at home, or a day spent shopping or in meetings.

Features and Benefits:

• It contains SPF 15 for protection from the UV rays of the sun.
• The strawberry flavor gives you flavor and soft smell.
• Lanolin and mineral oil protects against dry and chapped lips.
• Camphor and menthol leaves a refreshing effect to the lips.
• It is easy to use.


My take on LipIce Lipbalm in Strawberry:

Although I brought this month’s back but as I was busy using my baby lips I never thought about using this, but when one day I misplaced my baby lips, I had to open this till the time I get a new baby lips. The first time I used it, I wasn’t comfortable with the cooling effect it gave to my lips, but after 5-6 days, I started liking that cooling feeling. Now I understand why the product is called Lip Ice; it actually feels like you have ice on your lips. It is sufficiently moisturizing and is easy to use (due to its retractable form). The product has an additional plus point of having SPF 15, which helps protect lips from sunrays. The company claims that it is good for chapped lips, but honestly saying I haven’t used them on chapped lips, as I don’t have chapped lips.

I always use Baby lips at night to protect my lips from chapping, but I feel that baby lips is a little too waxy to be used under lipsticks and this is where this product gain brownie points. For me it is an ideal product for using under lipsticks, it gives the right amount of moisture to the lips and helps lipsticks to easily glide on the lips without looking too creamy. This character has made it my one of the daily used products, from the past 3 weeks I have been religiously using this in the morning (without skipping even a single day).


Pros of LipIce Lipbalm in Strawberry:

• Affordable
• Contains SPF 15
• Perfect for using under lipsticks
• Gives a nice soothing/cooling effect
• Have a nice smell (not strong enough to cause irritation)
• Retractable (makes it easy to use)
• Travel friendly


Cons of LipIce Lipbalm in Strawberry:

I don’t have any issues with this product except the fact that when sometimes my lips feel extremely dry, it is unable to help them get the moisture I want.

Would I buy this product again?

There are tones of lip balms available in the market these days, so instead of trying the same product I would go for something else, but as I love the smell of an orange, I may try its orange flavor, once I finish this.

Do I recommend this?

Yes! It’s a good product especially as a balm under your lipsticks

Rating: 4/5

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10 thoughts on “LipIce Lipbalm in Strawberry Review

  1. I love lip ice *happydance* *happydance* i have that big pink wala strawberry lip balm from lip ice *woot* *pompom* i just love that *happy dance* *happy dance*

  2. I love lip ice! I just finished the orange one and I am currently using this one.
    I agree with you, this is great for using under lipsticks. It not very balmy in texture so it work well and the cooling sensation it gives is quite fun.
    I have been told that the blueberry one is quite nice too.. waiting to try that 🙂

    1. *hifive* if the blueberry one is good, i would also like to try it….with the speed i am using it, i will not take more than a month to finish this and then i will buy the blueberry one *hifive*

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