Lipstick Queen Eros Cupid’s Bow Pencil Review

Skin tone: Moderately fair with warm undertones
Lips: Pigmented, sensitive, tend to dry easily

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I would like to open my review by welcoming spring! Early sunrises, late sunsets and the chirping of the birds in the morning, I enjoy the most! Today, I am reviewing Lipstick Queen Cupid’s Bow Pencil in Eros. Lipstick Queen describes this shade as “hotter than hot pink”. It is, indeed, a beautiful matte pink shade, which gives a velvety finish to the lips. To know more, please continue to read.

Lipstick Queen Eros Cupid’s Bow Pencil Review

Product Description:
Inspired by the artful precision of a perfectly applied cupid’s bow, this jumbo pencil is packed with pigment and works just like a lipstick and lip liner together in one. Loaded with hydrating ingredients to keep your pout in perfect condition, these pencils give lips a velvety drama that can be drawn on with one simply stroke. Lips are instantly saturated with rich, plush pigments and a dramatic yet moisture rich satin matte finish. Naughty, nice and playful, with arrow like precision, just like Cupid himself!

Price & Quantity:
$25 for 2.2g after discount

Key Ingredients:
Contains precious mineral Tourmaline sourced from metamorphic rock in Brazil, known for its energising and radiance boosting qualities.


Comes packaged in a black coloured jumbo sized pencil with a pink band at the end, which is the colour of the product, and a black coloured cap. Easy to pick if you happen to have more than one shade. A free sharpener is provided with the product. This pencil and sharpener come packaged in a colourful cardboard box. The two sides of the cardboard box are dark pink (magenta pink) coloured and Cupid’s Bow & Lipstick Queen is written in black coloured bold font; the third side has the picture of the Cupid with a bow and arrow against a Roman style pillar and the fourth side has product weight and ingredient details mentioned. It is a travel friendly packaging.

My Experience with Lipstick Queen Eros Cupid’s Bow Pencil:


IMBB has really got me experimenting with new products and believe me I am really enjoying this phase of my life, touchwood! In fact I am surprised with myself; I have discovered a person hidden in me, or it was always there? Coming to the review, I have two lip crayons in my vanity right now one from Jane Iredale (review pending) and the second one I got from Lipstick Queen (this one).

pink lip crayon

Eros is a beautiful hot pink or a light magenta pink. It is a matte shade, which gives a velvety finish to my lips. The texture is smooth, creamy and soft. It glides easily and enables smooth application. It does not smudge or spread. This shade is intensely pigmented and very long lasting. After tea or coffee, it remains on the lips as if freshly applied. It tends to become dull after meals, but still remains. It does not easily transfer to cups or glasses, however if you press hard then it transfers, especially if you happen to kiss someone.

lipstick queen

When I first got it and just happened to do a trial swatch on my hand and did not bother to remove the swatch, the stain was there till next day morning. This should be enough to tell you about the lasting power because I must have washed my hand several times. It does not dry my sensitive lips, keeps them hydrated and soft and supple. It gives a beautiful definition and a radiant, velvety finish to my lips. Yes, love this new addition to my vanity!


hand swatch

lip swatch


Pros of Lipstick Queen Eros Cupid’s Bow Pencil:

• Intensely pigmented, beautiful hot pink shade
• Long and intense staying power
• Gives a satin matte/velvety finish to the lips
• Luxurious formulation
• Keeps lips hydrated, soft and supple
• Pencil glides easily; enables smooth and effortless application
• Artful precision, with intense and rich colour pay off
• Complimentary sharpener included

Cons of Lipstick Queen Eros Cupid’s Bow Pencil:

• None in my opinion

Would I Recommend Lipstick Queen Eros Cupid’s Bow Pencil?
Yes, a must-try in my opinion. You can choose from a variety of 8 shades available in this range. I wish they introduce more shades to choose from.

IMBB Rating:

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