10 Lipstick Shades That Will Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

It is proven beyond doubt that some lipsticks can actually create an illusion of whiter teeth.  There are some particular lipstick shades which can actually make the teeth brighter up two shades.  So, if you have a bit of yellow or off-white teeth, fikar not, give your “neembu and namak” toothpaste a break and try out these lipsticks that make your smiles brighter.  Going directly to the post, here are the top 10 lipstick shades that will actually do the magic for your awesome 32.

1.  MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick:

Price:  Rs. 1100


I always start my lipstick posts with Ruby Woo, but for a change, I am start with MAC Riri Woo (well, you know they are pretty much the same :P).  This lipstick feels smooth on the lips, does not enhance the lines on the lips.  One swipe is enough for full coverage, intensely pigmented, stays on the lips for 7 hours.  The colour is a cool-toned matte red.  Since it is a cool-toned red, it will brighten up your pearlies.

2.  Maybelline Colorsensational High Shine Lipstick Coral Lustre:

Price:  Rs. 400 approximately.


Some corals can make your teeth appear yellow, but not this one.  This lipstick has a soft creamy, texture, moisturizes lips. Lightweight feel, sheer finishing.  Stays on for 2 to 3 hours, leaves a light stain.  Imparts a beautiful shine to the lips.

3.  Clinique High Impact Lip Colour with SPF 15 in Peach Pop:

Price: Rs. 1500 approximately.


This lipstick from Clinique makes teeth appear by at least one shade brighter.  It’s a good summer color, glides on smoothly.  A single swipe delivers a sheer peachy colour and two coats gives a deep peach colour.  Has golden undertones, stays on for 5 hours and more, comes with SPF 15, moisturizes lips, fragrance free lipstick.

4.  Make Up For Ever – Rouge Artist Intense #45:

Price:  Rs. 1400 approximately.


A highly pigmented and long-lasting lip color, paraben free.  It’s a satin raspberry red shade.  Since it is a blue-based red, it whitens up teeth nicely.  The color brightens up look.  Texture is creamy with a nice sheen.  Superb pigmentation, does not settle into fine lines.  The lipstick stays on for 6.5 hours and leaves a stain behind.  This lipstick makes the face look bright and teeth whiter.

5.  Korres Mango Butter Lipstick in Peach:

Price:  $12 approximately.

korres pink lipstick

A ultra conditioning lipstick, lightweight formula with glossy finish.  Gives a sheen to the lips, formulated with mango butter.  Extremely moisturizing, stays for more than 2 hours, brightens up teeth.

6.  MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick – New Temptation:

Price:  Rs. 990


A vivid blue red.  The texture feels like a gel lipstick, super luscious, glides softly.  The colour is a pinky blue red and makes teeth appear whiter.  The sheen makes the lips plumper, one of the best glossy red lipsticks.  Stays on the lips for two hours, does not bleed or stain.

7.  Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate #22:

Price:  Rs. 215


A blue-based red with a hint of pink again that would brighten up your teeth.  The texture is smooth and creamy.  Highly pigmented lipstick.  This lipstick will brighten up the face and will make your teeth appear white.  Lasts for around 6 hours and more and leaves a stain after that.  Does not accentuate the fine line on the lips.

8.  Clinique Different Lipstick in Raspberry Glace:

Price:  Rs. 1400 approximately.


A intense color that is neither too bright nor too sheer, provides medium coverage.  Brightens up complexion and also makes teeth appear whiter.  The shimmer in the lipstick is fine and not glittery.  Creamy and moisturizing texture.  Good for pigmented lips, buildable formula.

9.  Lotus Pure Color Lipstick in Magenta Fire:

Price:  Rs. 245


This lipstick is from one of my favourite brands.  It is a gorgeous magenta red color, it’s a perfect wintery shade.  This beautiful shade brightens up the face and teeth.

10.  Lancome Rouge in Love Lipstick – Berry in Love:

Price:  $28


A bright bold berry colour with no shimmer.  Amazing pigmentation, smooth to apply, has a good staying power, moisturizing in nature.

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