L’occitane Almond Apple Velvet Concentrate Review

L’occitane Almond Apple Velvet Concentrate

loccitane Almond Apple Velvet Concentrate

Claims : This velvety and fondant-textured cream visibly beautifies the face and helps the skin to effectively protect itself against the 1st signs of aging.

It contains a unique combination of active ingredients: • Almond proteins and silicium, to firm skin, improve its elasticity and smooth fine lines. • Organic apple extract, to refine skin’s texture • Apple vinegar, to tighten pores • Almond milk, to nourish and soften. Immediately, skin’s texture is refined and softer to the touch. Skin is firmer, smoother and effectively protected to fight against the appearance of wrinkles.

Price : Rs 2,995

My experience : I am a huuuuge fan of L’occitane products. They have barely ever failed me. I wish they never stop making their awesome stuff. 😛 Anyway, I bought this cream almost a month back and I totally like it. It is lightweight moisturizer for normal to dry skin. The texture is between cream and lotion. It gets absorbed quickly without leaving any hint of oiliness or greasiness behind. Even during the dry winter days it has kept my skin nourished and moisturized. I gets absorbed quickly.

It never clogged the pores or felt heavy on skin. Just did what it was meant to do . It use it both day and night and I totally love it. I like that it has anti ageing benefits, so I don’t have to use a separate anti ageing product.

I wouldn’t recommend it to those with oily skin but those with normal to dry skin, do give this a shot.

The only thing I don’t like is the glass jar. I have to use a spatula every time to use it . I wish the packaging was more on the go.

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating  : 4.7/5

PS: I so fall short of words while doing l’occitane reviews. I feel like finishing a review up in 3 words ” I love it . Anyhoo. 😛 ” 

loccitane Almond Apple Velvet Concentrate

Swatch :

l'occitane Almond Apple Velvet Concentrate swatch

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41 thoughts on “L’occitane Almond Apple Velvet Concentrate Review

  1. Hi Rati…!!!
    Nice review…
    I think I can suggest this to my mother… :))
    One more thing… I mailed you a review a long back but still no response from your side 😐

  2. Loccitane should seriously make you the brand ambassador Rati….you are singlehandedly promoting and making people buy Loccitane :announce: :announce: :announce: :announce: :announce: :announce: :announce:

  3. as much as I like to receive reviews from you, i know the skincare reviews will be for dry skin so :spank: :spank: :spank: i want to some day buy Loccitane for oily/sensitive skin :waaa:

  4. Rati, your pics of LO products look so tempting! I am trying really hard to not start splurging on these.
    Hey can someone suggest some handy and easy to make home remedies to get rid of REALLY stubborn pigmentation/blemishes? I have this stupid blemish like a fingertip on my cheeks that absolutely refuses to go away no matter how many products I use!

  5. lightweight moisturizer for normal to dry skin………wow….sounds good but L’occitane is not available in Jaipur :headbang: 😥 :((

  6. L’Occitane :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:
    I havent tried this , but I have oily-combination skin….other wise I would have added to my L’occitane collection which is growing day by day…I know what you mean Rati, there is only one word to describe L’occitane – “awesome ” :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Hi Rati,
    At what age should we start using anti ageing products ? Im 27, and havent started yet ….Wat is your opinion….this is one question for which I can never find the answer …..
    I dont want to start too early , if it is not necessary, however I dont want to wait for too long either !!

    1. supriya honestly i havent started as yet and I am the same age as you are. 😛 I use this and if that says it has anti ageing properties I’d like to believe that . hihihihih 😛

  7. Looks fab but so pricey :chewnails :chewnails wonder how much this little baby will last on using daily :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized:

  8. wow the cream sure looks so tempting 🙂

    and I want the exact kind of moisturizer non oily non sticky yet moisturizing for whole day… but it’s too pricey for me

    would have to look out for something at a reasonable price

  9. The jar looks soo cuuute Rati and the cream definitely sounds goood for dry skin beauties…I hope they have something that fabulous for people like us too!!! :teeth :teeth :teeth :teeth :teeth :teeth :teeth :teeth :teeth :teeth :teeth :teeth :teeth

  10. Meenakshi, I am not sure though you can call up Kathiawar people and ask them if they have this. but you can order this online at loccitan’es India’s website O:)

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