L’Occitane Aromachologie Heat-Protective Control Mist Review

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I love this brand for their body creams, perfumes, scrubs, shower foams etc, but I have tried few of their hair care products which kind of didn’t suit my hair much. As in, they didn’t make much difference to my hair. I was in search of a heat control serum and ended up buying this Heat-Protective Control Mist from L’occitane. Let’s head on to the review!

L'occitane Aromachologie Heat-Protective Control Mist Review2

Product Description:
Our Heat Protective Control Mist is a light, silicone-free mist that protects and controls dry, hard-to-manage hair. Made with essential oils and moisturising jojoba oil, this smoothing formula helps to neutralize frizz and control your hair without weighing it down. A heat-shield active ingredient helps protect hair against damage from blow-dryers or hair straighteners (up to 230°C), leaving it smooth and silky.

To use, spray over wet or dry hair before styling or using heat appliances. Do not rinse.

INR 1690 for 125ml of the product.

I find the packaging very sleek and chic. It’s an olive green colored bottle which comes with a pump. It’s travel friendly and easy to carry.

My Experience with L’Occitane Aromachologie Heat-Protective Control Mist:

At first, I was hesitant to purchase it because I had seen the ingredient list that has 5 essential oils. I knew it would make my hair greasy even before I style them. So, I just used it a little on the store itself, but it didn’t make my hair greasy. In a hurry, I got this product and regret it now! It is to be sprayed very little on the hair and not to be used on the scalp.

L'occitane Aromachologie Heat-Protective Control Mist Review

I had a party to attend, so I planned to use it. I sprayed it after taking head bath, on my towel dried hair and further straightened my hair. My scalp became so oily and hair so greasy that I can’t even explain! It made my hair way too sticky the next day. I have it used it 3-4 times, but I am not satisfied with the results at all. I don’t like the fact that it makes my hair oily from the very moment I put it in my hair.

L'occitane Aromachologie Heat-Protective Control Mist Review1

Talking about the smell, it is just so delicious and addictive that I feel like smelling my hair always. Also, it nourishes my scalp making my hair shiny and smooth. It stops static and keeps frizziness at bay. When I style my hair, it makes my hair feel good. It has very well protected my hair, but what’s the point when I end up having greasy hair in just a matter of few minutes; especially when I have to hit a party!

L'occitane Aromachologie Heat-Protective Control Mist Review3

The product has a good texture – not sticky and thick, but not watery either. Also, it has 5 essential oils which give it medium consistency. It is so easy to use with the help of the spray nozzle, but unfortunately it doesn’t work well for me. I bought it to use before I blow-dry, straighten or curl my hair, but I won’t be using it any further. I would also like to mention that hair care products work different for different people so this one in particular hasn’t worked for my hair.

L'occitane Aromachologie Heat-Protective Control Mist Review4

Pros of L’occitane Aromachologie Heat-Protective Control Mist:

• Packaging is sleek and nice
• Delicious fragrance
• A little goes a long way
• Stops static
• Keeps hair soft and frizz free
• Gentle on hair
• Post wash, hair feel soft and smooth
• Loaded with 5 essential oils

Cons of L’occitane Aromachologie Heat-Protective Control Mist:

• Makes scalp oily at that very moment
• Makes hair very greasy

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase L’occitane Aromachologie Heat-Protective Control Mist?
No, I won’t be repurchase it. I wanted just a chemical free heat protectant which doesn’t make my hair greasy. But this one ended up making it a grease ball. Instead, I wish to try Toni & Guy Prep Heat Protection Mist now.

Would I Recommend L’occitane Aromachologie Heat-Protective Control Mist?
I won’t recommend this one to anyone since I don’t want you too to end up with greasy hair just before a party!

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  1. Oh no greasy hair right before a party sounds painful. I already have an oily scalp so I can understand but you must try Toni and guy one, it works well if used in moderation, keeps hair protected and does not create grease.

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