L’Occitane Delice De Fleurs Solid Perfume

L’Occitane Delice De Fleurs Solid Perfume

Hi Girls,

L’Occitane Delice De Fleurs Solid Perfume

As promised, I’m going to review the “Delice de Fleur” solid perfume from L’Occitane today. After buying the shower gel, body lotion and hand cream from the same range, I felt something was missing as I did not buy the EDT.  However, I went in the next day and bought the solid perfume so that I can layer all the fragrances from the same range.  For me, the term “solid perfume” is automatically related to L’Occitane as I have never seen solid perfumes from any other brands yet.

Product Description:

An alcohol-free solid perfume for fragrant touch-ups during the day.


How Does a Solid Perfume Work?

Solid perfumes use beeswax and paraffin as a base instead of alcohol. A solid perfume when applied directly to skin develops and diffuses its scent all day along.

About Delice de Fleurs Fragrance:

The Délice des perfume is a gourmand floral fragrance with a powdery vanilla base and aromas of May rose and violet leaf absolutes, evokes the scents that escape from the workshops where the crystallized flowers are made.


Ingredients are not mentioned on the tin or the website.



This is my very first solid perfume. I have many different products from L’Occitane, but I have never tried any of their solid perfumes. It comes in a small, round metal tin with a pretty lid. I bought this because I had the shower jelly, body lotion and cream from the same range and wanted to buy the solid perfume so that it could be layered. As someone who is always on the go and as someone who always gets ready in a hurry, and finishes the last touch-ups inside the car, this  product is a boon for me. I can just throw the tin inside my handbag and touch-up throughout the day when I feel like.

L’Occitane Delice De Fleurs Kit

I would describe this fragrance as “innocent and romantic.”  This fragrance makes me feel extremely feminine.  I would say unlike some fragrance which is more suitable for older ladies and some are more appropriate for teenagers , this fragrance is good for all age groups.  This fragrance does not last long by itself; it works well if layered and lasts longer. I use the shower gel, body milk and hand cream from the same range for layering. However, as this comes in a tin, I feel it is not very hygienic to use this in public transport etc., and because of this reason, I use a small spatula with the solid perfume, so that I do not have to dip my fingers into the solid perfume.

Pros of L’Occitane Delice De Fleurs Solid Perfume:

  • I love the fragrance, it is so romantic and floral.
  • Easy to use than EDT because this does not come in a glass bottle.
  • Easy to carry around and easy to use on the go as it is very small.
  • Pretty little tin, so it is stylish enough to be taken out of the hand bag.

Cons of L’Occitane Delice De Fleurs Solid Perfume:

  • Comes in a tin, so I feel using fingers to dip into the perfume tin is not hygienic.
  • Fragrance does not last long if it is used by itself.
  • I feel it is pricey at $9.95 per tin.
  • This is a limited edition product, so I might not be able to repurchase it whenever I want it.

IMBB Rating:

4/5.  I absolutely love the fragrance, so fragrance-wise, I will give it 5/5; however, I have reduced one point for the fact that the whole range should be used to have lasting fragrance and also for the fact that this is a limited edition product.

L’Occitane Delice de Fleurs Kit
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30 thoughts on “L’Occitane Delice De Fleurs Solid Perfume

    1. yes Shivani,

      I have a small net bag which fits the solid perfume and my tiny spatula……I carry it in my bag…using fingers is not a good idea.

    1. Jomo Ji I need a small clarification.. i know this is not d place to ask this.. if i plan to do a haul or review etc to which mail id i should send? As i’m not a professional at this i am not sure if i need to send it to mirror obsession.. pl temme.. :methinks: 😀

    2. Yes Jomol,

      I do have the whole set :yahoo: but I have another item from this range which I havent reviewed yet !! suspense….suspense .. :secret2: :secret2: :secret2:

  1. i hav never used solid perfumes earlier…but this sure looks worth giving a try :yes: ….nice review supriya…. :yes: :yes: :yes:

  2. Nice review Supriya.. Solid Perfume!! This is the first time i’m hearing abt it.. I want it now :love: :love: u can also use hand sanitizes na??

    1. Hand sanitisers are different,..they are just fragranced antibacterial cleansers …..the fragrance wont be long lasting …and these are drying …

      solid perfumes are just like normal edts but less stronger and because of the solid form easy to carry around.

      1. Babes :teddy: .. u said u feel unhygienic to dip ur fingers in the tin na.. for that i suggested hand sanitizers 😀 :haanji: 😀

        1. he he he …..oops …I didnt quite understand it … :headbang: :headbang: …thats a good idea, but both the fragrances might clash….

          also if we use unclean hands the the solid perfumes might actually stain, as solid perfumes are usually white in colour .

  3. I think I have got samples of this right now with me. Let me try it today. Looking forward to using it now. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

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