L’Occitane Delightful Rose Lip Balm Review

by Pratiksha S.

Hello lovely ladies,

Recently L’Occitane has launched few new products that are quite interesting and equally tempting. I recently treated myself with few of these luxuries from the new collection. One of them I will be reviewing today and it is the L’Occitane Delightful Rose lip balm. The Shea butter collection from L’Occitane has come up with new twists in their fragrances and packaging and has introduced few new products. So, is this lip balm impressive as the original classic Shea lip balm? Scroll down to see.

L'occitane shea delightful rose lip balm


690 INR for 12 ml


Plastic tube with plastic screw cap.

L'occitane shea delightful rose lip balm


L'occitane shea delightful rose lip balm

My Take on the L’Occitane Delightful Rose Lip Balm:

Packaging: The lip balm comes in a cute pink and silver coloured plastic tube. The tube has a pink plastic screw top. The tube also bears an applicator tip that makes the usage and application part super easy. The tube is hassle free and travel friendly. Thumbs up!

L'occitane shea delightful rose lip balm

Consistency: The consistency is smooth, medium thick and is easily spreadable on the lips. It has a consistency very similar to that of the Vaseline tube lip balm.

Smell: The lip balm has heavenly rose smell. Initially when you sniff the tube it is just faint, but then you can easily make out the distinct rose fragrance. The smell is sweet and not at all over-powering.

L'occitane shea delightful rose lip balm

Results: The lip balm is light and smooth; it easily spreads on to the lips. It is equally nourishing as the original Shea lip balm. The lip balm does not leave any whitish cast or residue on lips. However, the staying power of this lip balm is low (2-3 hours) and hence reapplication is required quite often. The lip balm leaves lips soft, smooth and supple.

Pros of L’Occitane Delightful Rose Lip Balm:

  • Travel friendly packing.
  • Nourishing and repairing.
  • Sweet and beautiful smell.

Cons of L’Occitane Delightful Rose Lip Balm:

  • Expensive.
  • Low lasting power.

IMBB Ratings:

4 out of 5

Would I repurchase the L’Occitane Delightful Rose Lip Balm?

No, I don’t think so because it is quite expensive and I can get similar effects or I can say better effects from other inexpensive lip balms.

Would I recommend the L’Occitane Delightful Rose Lip Balm?

Yes, all you L’Occitane fans can give this lip balm a try.

Conclusion: The L’Occitane Delightful Rose lip balm is quite an expensive product, but surely does the job of nourishing the lips. It almost resembles the original Shea lip balm, but with a dash of rose fragrance.

Waiting for all the comments and suggestions. Adios!

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