L’Occitane Lavande De Haute-Provence Shower Gel Review

L’Occitane Lavande De Haute-Provence Shower Gel Review

Hi all,

Hope you all enjoyed celebrating valentines’ day.Im going to Review a L’Occitane shower gel today and it is the Lavande shower gel from the organic certified range. Before starting the review let me say this, I was never a fan of neither Lavender nor Rose absolute scents. If they were just a note in perfumes I do not mind.Let me tell you why I had to buy a Lavender shower gel .My husband snores quite often and I’m a very light sleeper- a bad combination.

L’Occitane-Lavande-De- Haute-Provence shower gel

I have been losing sleep quite often now and this had made it difficult to fall asleep and maintain my sleep. As a result I thought of trying lavender products just before bedtime. I had purchased a lavender balm from Ash comb maze and lavender garden in victoria.This balm improved my sleep so I wanted to try this Organic certified shower gel from L’Occitane.

Product description and claims

Wash away worries! PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) Lavender Organic Shower Gel is blended in a 100% plant-based formula to gently cleanse the skin, leaving behind a fresh and light scent. (Natural and organic cosmetic certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to Ecocert standard available at http://cosmetics.ecocert.com)

L’Occitane-Lavande-De- Haute-Provence shower-gel-1

AUD 28 for 250ml

I got the travel size version for around AUD10

My Experience with L’Occitane Lavande De Haute-Provence shower gel
Lavender, even though it is not my favourite scent does have calming and relaxation properties. The shower gel is of a quite thick consistency. The shower gel is also colourless. This shower gel doesn’t lather much but I see this as a positive thing maybe because it is a certified organic product. I use this only before bedtime as I prefer to use fancier better smelling scents in the morning or throughout the day. This product does not dry skin and since it is in travel size I take this around when I travel. I also use the body lotion long with this each time and I’m definitely seeing an improvement in my sleep pattern.

Even though hubby still continues to snore (He is only 28, I always thought only old people snore☹) using these products have helped me to fall asleep easily and also go in to deep sleep. I was quite apprehensive before starting to use it as I thought it was a myth that lavender has calms your senses-but I was so wrong. This lavande range has candles, massage lotion as well as room sprays and can be used alongside each other. However at the moment I only have shower gel, lotion and the bath which I use once in awhile.

L’Occitane-Lavande-De- Haute-Provence shower-gel-review

My only concern is the price. Since I plan to use it daily before bedtime for a few months I might need to repurchase soon. Because of this reason I’m on the lookout for cheaper lavender products that actually work and came to know that Johnsons do a reasonable product. For now I’m using the lavande shower gel with a loofah and using it sparingly.

Pros of L’Occitane Lavande De Haute-Provence shower gel

  •  Contains certified organic lavender extracts and this product does not contain any harmful ingredients –is parabens free
  •  This product does definitely has calming and relaxation properties.
  •  Even though I’m not sure if this will help people who suffer from heavy insomnia, it will definitely help people who have slighter issues like me.

L’Occitane-Lavande-De- Haute-Provence shower-gel-2

Cons of L’Occitane Lavande De Haute-Provence shower gel
• I feel this is pricy as I only use it before bedtime
• Does not lather much so quite a bit is needed even if used with a loofah, sponge.

IMBB rating

Will I repurchase?
This product definitely works but I’m going to look out for a cheaper alternative.

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  1. nice review.. lavender is really calming.just put a few drops of lav EO in any unscented lotion or shower gel…or put few drops EO on ur pillow… sweet dreams 🙂

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