L’occitane Lavender Detangling Conditioner L’occitane- Review

L’occitane Lavender Detangling Conditioner L’occitane- Review

Dear Beauties,

Hope you all had a wonderful Diwali. I had a really awesome time with my family and since it was my first Diwali after marriage, it was even more special. So today I will be reviewing Lavender Detangling conditioner from L’occitane. L’occitane products have always been either a hit or miss for me. So was the conditioner hit or was it a miss…lets find out.

L'oaccitane Detangling Conditioner

If you have been following me for a while you would know I have long and dry hair due to which they are prone to tangles and breakage. L’occitane products usually have rave reviews so the moment I saw this conditioner on their website I had to try it! I was completely sold on the words lavender and detangling!

Product Description:-
L'oaccitane Detangling Conditioner 2

This conditioning has a extreme-light texture that mixes the extract of lavanda A.O.C, alpine mint essential oil, jojoba oil and vitamin B5 derivatives, nourish hair softness and shine.

My experience with L’occitane Lavender Detangling conditioner:

I bought this conditioner quite a few months back when L’occitane was having sale on their website. I had very high expectations from this conditioner since I really wanted something to help my hair stay detangled but to be honest I was highly disappointed with this one. The conditioner comes in light purple transparent bottle so when you look from outside the conditioner feels to be of purple colored but in reality its creamy white. The packaging is quite nice and feels classy. The only problem I feel the opening of the mouth is too small and sometimes you really need to squish the bottle for the conditioner to come out.
L'oaccitane Detangling Conditioner 3

The texture of conditioner is extremely thick and not runny at all. It smells insanely and heavenly of lavender! You know the kind of fragrance burst you get when you visit a spa. To be honest,the fragrance is way too strong for my liking. Now I have dry hair which becomes oily after 2 to 3 days so I definitely need to wash my hair at least once in 2 days. This conditioner made my hair even more oilier and limp! It weighs the down the hair and does not do anything for the volume. As for the detangling effect it did help but nothing so special, It detangled my hair similar to other conditioners. The worst part is that I saw increased hairfall when I was using this conditioner 🙁
L'oaccitane Detangling Conditioner 4

Pros of L’occitane Lavender Detangling conditioner:

-> Heavenly lavender fragrance.
-> Does contain natural ingredients like lavender oil, jojoba oil.
-> Packaging is attractive.

Cons of L’occitane Lavender Detangling conditioner:

-> Makes hair oily and limp.
-> Increased my hairfall.
-> Detangling is ok nothing great.
-> Very expensive!
-> Does not give volume or bounce to hair.
-> Small mouth of the bottle makes it quite difficult for the conditioner to come out.
L'oaccitane Detangling Conditioner 5

Rs. 995 for 250 ml

IMBB Rating:-

1 out of 5

I would not recommend this conditioner to anyone! Quite disappointing 🙁

Hope the review was helpful, until next time take care and stay beautiful


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15 thoughts on “L’occitane Lavender Detangling Conditioner L’occitane- Review

  1. This is not a good product at all,….. when L’occitane had sales here this and the accompanying shampoo were left in heaps at the end of the sales,…. that means no one bought then even at the sales,..most of the other products were gone in a couple of days …… so i also stayed away from it.

    pls try the Mask for dry and damaged hair ,….another less pricy option is dove damage therapy mask but it has silicones.

  2. errr…. that’s so sad. 🙁 would give the one that i use a try. It has never made my oily. I mean conditioning and moisturizing is one thing, oily is another.

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