L’Occitane Marvellous Flowers Shower Gel Review

L’Occitane Marvellous Flowers Shower Gel Review

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During my last haul at L’Occitane, I got some free stuff as the Christmas offer is going.  I got a Christmas bag as a gift, and the product I am reviewing today is also a sample.  So, today, I’m going to review two shower gels from the brand L’Occitane and they are Ravissant Shower Gel and Marvellous Flowers Shower Gel, so here it goes:

L’Occitane Marvellous Flowers Shower Gel Review

Product Description:

The Ravissant Shower Gel offers a dazzling bouquet of floral aromas with fruity citrus notes. This light gel transforms into a generous foam when applied with water, gently cleansing the skin and leaving it soft and delicately perfumed with the mischievous scent of rose and freesia. This ravishing shower gel contains the essential oils of Mediterranean bergamot and damascena rose.  The Marvellous Flowers Shower Gel evokes a fairyland of blossoms woken up, as if from under a spell, to perfume the Provençal winter with bewitching aromas. Formulated with natural floral extracts, this shower gel transforms into an unctuous foam that gently cleanses the skin, leaving it scented with the charming fragrance of sparkling red fruits complemented with soft notes of peony and rose. This is a limited edition product.

How To Use:

Apply on wet skin, make it foam and rinse.




75 ml (samples).

Marvellous Flowers Shower Gel 1

My Experience with L’Occitane Marvellous Flowers Shower Gel:

This sample size bottle of 75 ml comes with a flip cap.  The first thing which impressed me was the smell, its smells heavenly divine.  Comparing the both, I concluded with this:  The Ravissant Shower gel is from the summer range, it has a nice, rose scented fragrance and the smell is too feminine and elegant which gives you quite a fresh feeling and this shower gel is good to use on daily basis.  It is gel textured which foams up easily and leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh, but I didn’t find it moisturizing.  You have to apply a moisturiser or body cream after this, especially the dry skin beauties.  This is an okay product for me though it didn’t impress me much, neither it disappointed me.  If  you are looking for any mild scented shower gel, do try this.

Marvellous Flowers Shower Gel 2

The Marvellous Flowers Shower Gel comes in a pretty pink packaging, marvellous flower is both floral and fruity that evokes a bouquets of roses and peonies with a dash of sparkling red berries.  The scent lingers for a long time and it really keeps the skin soft, smooth and moisturized in winter.

Marvellous Flowers Shower Gel 4

The shower gel lathers into a rich foam for a relaxing shower.  Once out of the shower, apply the nourishing body cream, I’m using the body cream from the same range.  I’m going to review it super soon. Overall, I love the Marvellous Flowers Shower gel and I am going to purchase this. I’m going to write the pros and cons of Marvellous Flowers Shower Gel:

Marvellous Flowers Shower Gel 3

Pros of L’Occitane Marvellous Flowers Shower Gel:

  • Moisturize the skin pretty well.
  • Pretty pink packaging.
  • Smells divine.
  • Makes skin soft and smooth.
  • A little goes a long way.

Marvellous Flowers Shower Gel 5

Cons of L’Occitane Marvellous Flowers Shower Gel:

  • Price.
  • Some of you may find the fragrance overpowering.

IMBB Rating of Marvellous Flowers Shower Gel: 4/5

IMBB Rating of Ravissant Shower Gel:  3.5/5

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  1. both sanjeev and I looove loccitane shower gels. Infact we use them so much that I bought TBS shower gels for change. 😛 these sound really nice. I’d check them out at the store. :))

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