L’Occitane Repairing Oil for Damaged and Dry Hair

L’Occitane Repairing Oil for Damaged and Dry Hair

Hello lovely ladies,

I am in a really happy-happy mood these days. The only reason for this is that my hair stays and looks beautiful each and every day. I am sure all you girls might be facing some or the other  hair damage problem and are waiting for some rescue! Well, let me tell you all about my hair….I have medium length hair; but, they are frizzy and tangle-prone and leaving them open can be nothing more than a big mistake. Also, the repeated use of shampoos and conditioners with heavy chemical has turned my hair from black to chocolate brown 🙁 I am okay with the colour change but damage….noohhhh!! I can’t take that. The brand that brought all the soul back to my hair is “L’Occitane”. The product I will be reviewing today is the L’Occitane repairing oil. This is the one luxury brand that my hair loves to the core and spending on it is something which I don’t hesitate about at all! Let’s check out how this lovely bottle has rescued my hair.
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Price: Rs. 1790 for 100 ml

Packaging: It comes in a plastic bottle with a spray nozzle and a protective transparent plastic cap.

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My take on the L’Occitane Repairing Oil for Damaged and Dry Hair :

Let’s talk about the packaging. The repairing oil comes in a jet green 100% recyclable plastic bottle. The bottle has a spray nozzle that makes the product-dispensing part super easy ; this nozzle has a protective plastic cap to prevent any spillage. This bottle is super travel –friendly and you can stuff this easily in your bag without any hassle. I am totally happy with the packaging. The oil has a serum-like consistency and is quite light on the hair. The aroma is similar to all the other L’Occitane repairing hair care range; the same heavenly fragrance that stays with you till the next wash. Overall, the packaging and the product gets a big thumbs up!
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There would be no end to my good verdict today about this product but yet I will try to cut short my blabbing and review this product precisely. Firstly, two and a half pump is my secret concentration of using this oil. I have medium length hair so this  amount works great on my hair. I use this oil post wash on 75% wet hair to lock in the moisture. One will need to decide and find out the right amount of oil required for their hair as per the thickness and length. Be very careful girls as a little more would leave your hair oily when using this on dry hair.

Talking about its performance; it’s just lovely and I love my hair after using this oil. To make this easy to understand, let me put everything into points:

• I use the shampoo and the conditioner from the same range and then I use this oil. This oil makes my hair super soft, super manageable and it removes all the tangles within seconds of application.
• It adds lovely shine to my hair and makes it appear full of life.
• The oil successfully manages to remove all the tangles and frizziness like miracle, the hair becomes so smooth and manageable that when you comb your hair, your comb would run smoothly without any hindrance.
• I had to literally search for fallen hair but I could not find much just a strand or two even if I combed my wet hair. That means this oil helps a lot to prevent hairfall due to breakage or frizziness.
• This oil is a perfect finishing product that would be loved by your hair. I can say that when this oil is used on wet hair it works much better than it does on dry hair. And if this oil is used alone then too it works wonders on damaged hair.
• These lovely changes which you notice about your hair remains for good 4 days so its is indeed the best you can give your hair.
• The oil truly repairs , rejuvenates , gives a healthy silky shine and protects hair from environmental damage and hair fall.
Overall, This repairing oil is indeed repairing. It gives a smooth, manageable, frizz free luxurious experience to one’s hair. The bottle will last for approx. 5-6 months depending on you use.
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Pros of L’Occitane Repairing Oil for Damaged and Dry Hair :

 Travel-friendly packaging.
 True to all its claims.
 Made up primarily of natural ingredients..
 Is indeed repairing.
 Affordable for the kind of wonderful performance it gives.
 Gives heat protection when used with hot tools.

Cons of L’Occitane Repairing Oil for Damaged and Dry Hair :

 Makes hair a bit greasy if used a little more.
 Availability can be a issue sometime( it goes out of stock sometimes).

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IMBB rating :

5 out of 5

Will I repurchase L’Occitane Repairing Oil for Damaged and Dry Hair ?

Yes for sure, it has already replaced my other most loved serum from organix.

Will I recommend L’Occitane Repairing Oil for Damaged and Dry O ?

Yes absolutely girls you need to get this bottle if want to repair your damaged hair.

My hair is truly loving this repairing oil this winter, do try this and share your experiences. Eagerly waiting for all your lovely comments, suggestions and corrections. Till then take care and stay beautiful girls.

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15 thoughts on “L’Occitane Repairing Oil for Damaged and Dry Hair

  1. Shit, I just bought a hair serum spray from loreal 2 days ago….. wish I had read this review before :/ Thanks for the lovely review though…..will keep this product in mind…

  2. Excellent review and absolutely tempting product.I have one question though.Please share the details of the ways in which you use the product.

  3. rs, I have tried it both ways on dry and wet hair
    I personally feel using on wet hair gives excellent result also u don’t feel the need to reapply it once your hair dries…..so follow the technique which I mentioned ( 75% wet hair application) it would show great results . I hope this tip helps you.

  4. Bakul it has been 4 days I didn’t wash my hair but believe me there is just a little tangles here and there nothing major my hair is straight smooth and gets easily detangled ( I know its the correct time to wash my hair 😉 but I am just trying and testing this product but it wins all the time!

  5. Pratiksha,

    With the advent of winter,my hair has started to look really dry and frizzy.

    I guess i could try this product to control my frizziness.
    But cant see the price oh gosh so damn expensive 🙁

  6. Ritz its lyk a serum I guess it should not be applied on scalp ;so I won’t suggest your husband to use it as scalp oil but , ya if he wishes to use it as styling product he can surely give a try!

  7. Your review is making this tempting…so far I’m using almond oil but if I can get my hands on a wonder oil like this..baam ! Frizz freeee

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