L’Occitane The Vert Au Jasmin Solid Perfume Review

L’Occitane The Vert Au Jasmin Solid Perfume Review

L’Occitane The Vert Au Jasmin Solid Perfume

The Vert is a limited edition range from L’Occitane with a combination smell of Green Tea and Jasmine. I bought this just because it was limited edition and I do have a weakness for perfumes. Anyway, the idea behind these solid perfumes from L’Occitane is that you can use these for touch-ups all day long after using the EDT/ EDP once in the morning. Although, this solid perfume is quite capable of making you smell good all on its own!

What the Product Claims:
This solid perfume without alcohol perfumes the skin with the fresh, luminous and floral fragrance of Green Tea with Jasmine.



My Experience with L’Occitane The Vert Au Jasmin Solid Perfume:

It is supposed to be a combination of Green Tea and Jasmine, but I think it smells more of Jasmine. It has a wax or balm-like texture because of beeswax. The smell reminds me a bit of peppermint. The smell is not at all heady.  It makes you feel like you’re gliding along in a field of Jasmine. It doesn’t last long; you’ll need at least 2-3 touch-ups to go through the day. It contains no alcohol, which I love. I feel this fragrance is not for everyone. My mother thought it smelled like Vicks. I mean seriously! Vicks? That’s a big insult to this whole idea of ‘gliding along in a field of Jasmine.” It comes in a 9 gm tin which is very handy to carry, but does get lost easily if you carry a big handbag. The best part is that there is no issue of it getting spilled in your bag or the bottle turning into bits and pieces on being dropped “accidentally.”


Rs. 600 for 9 gm.

L’Occitane Jasmine Solid perfume

Pros of L’Occitane The Vert Au Jasmin Solid Perfume:

  • Everything is good about this perfume.
  • It doesn’t even have any alcohol, so people with sensitive skin can use it too.
  • Don’t want to buy the expensive EDT or EDP? This is your answer.

Cons of L’Occitane The Vert Au Jasmin Solid Perfume:

There is no con except this fragrance just might not be your fragrance!

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42 thoughts on “L’Occitane The Vert Au Jasmin Solid Perfume Review

      1. I know, but it smells so citrusy and fresh that we just can’t help using it..if it was longer-lasting Rati and I would have been buying that perfume only again and again… O:) O:)

        Will post the review soon. You go into L’Occitane store and smell that EDT. I doubt anyone could resist from buying it. 😛

        1. hmmm nice marketing technique from L’occitane then..he he..make an irresistible smell and then make it lasting for only few minutes….jaldi over hoying..jaldi people coming abd buying it again!! 😀 😀 😛

          BTW where is Rati? Subah se no darshan..

            1. So we will be having more slide shows :toothygrin:

              Btw, which one did you buy? That citrus verbena one?? :specs:

              I got three of them and after half an hour even my dog can’t tell the smell :stars: :stars:

              1. Nah no slideshows. 🙂 She has just gone to have fun and meet people. 🙂

                I think you can see the EDT in our haul post. Don’t remember though if Rati covered it there?

                By the way, please do take a look on your comment on Rati’s Almond oil post when you have time.

    1. Main jab bhi apne boss ke saath meeting karti hoon..mera BP kyun high ho jata hai Jomol!!!! 😐 😐 😐 Jabki it was a nice discussion..but still I am getting annoyed by just looking at his face…. 😐 😐 😐

      His fundas are soo bakwaaaaaaaaaaaaaas…….I donno kya hoga yaar….I really want to quit this job as early as possible now… 😥

        1. Awww Kimi… :rose: U remind me of my state a yr back 🙁 .. If I had a meeting with my manager or even my TL ,I would go out shoppin in the evenin after work to cool my nerves.. it used to work wonders for me !! why dont u try it retail therapy?? :toothygrin:

          1. I will Geet…for sure today..I anyway have to go to Forum to get movie tickets for Sunday….I know I wont come home empty handed from there!! 😛 :thanks:

            1. Kimiiiiiiiiiiii….awwwwwwww :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi: you know there is a condition in medicine called “white coat hypertension”…….iss type ke hypertension main the blood pressure only rises when you see a doctor or are visiting a clinic or hospital…….Kimi…..aapko “boss’s ke saath discussion hypertension” hoga :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

      1. happens ya..i think one just cant escape it and eventually since it is inevitable you just have to make your own peace with it. i think its best to go with an agenda and make sure all your points are covered in that meeting.

          1. yeah..I went with the agenda..and made my points clear too…but he has some really stoopid logic for so many things..I donno if his logic went on toss after he became the boss..or it has been like this since ages…….then I seriously doubt the person who made him the boss!! 😐

              1. Actually Sanjeev jee..panga is..he sent me a couple of profiles today morning to choose a suitable candidate to replace me..I viewed all of them and selected one guy based on his knowledge and kind of projects he has worked on….which I felt would easily take charge of my roles without much efforts..

                MY BOSSSSSSS however, has other views..he kept on pestering me for another guy..who has nothing to do with what I am working on..but just has 5 years of experience as compared to my choice of guy who has just 2.6

                I was annoyed coz, he doesn’t understand my point…I mean I will have to train the recruit na….what is the point in asking my opinion when you dont want to listen…It will anyway be trouble for me to train the person who has no idea about the work I am doing…..I’ve given him inputs..as WHY I feel that a 2.6 years experienced is better than 5 years experienced…..He is just looking at the numbers and nothing else..I donno what bheja he has got!! 😐

                1. Don’t know what’s going on in his mind but there might be two cases here:

                  1. He might not be ready to place a person with 2.6 years experience at that salary level.
                  2. He might also be thinking in terms who would fit the company better. Sometimes it’s more a case of better fit than skills and experience.

                  Still, why such an anger? 🙂

                  1. coz I have to train the person…and it will take more efforts and annoyance from me if I get an inexperienced person particular to my work… 😐

          2. Kimi…..I know….lekin apne points rakh kar calm ho jao….waise bhi you are moving to a different city and away from this boss na…..so abhi only a few days are left for freedom :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

            1. actually na….every boss behaves the same way….the way you have described your bosses, all my friends who work in a office tell me how ridiculous their bosses sound…….I think “power makes them nasty and absolute power nastofies them absolutely.”

              But my bosses are the best Kimi….sacchi…..beshtest :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

              1. he he he..you are really lucky then Jomol..coz really..power makes them arrogant and they feel that whatever they’ve decided is the best!!! And I really don’t like this kind of attitude, no matter what heights you reach!! You should know your ground and be able to look at your feet…

                1. I completely get your point here Kimi….actually sometimes experience is just a matter of numbers…it has no relevance whatsoever with capability to work on a certain platform or project. I think your boss belongs to that old-school thinking. :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali:

                  1. yeah…He thinks that since I am 8 years experienced…he should get a matching 5 years experienced for me…what crappy thinking!! aise logon ki wajah se hee desh ka kuch nahi hota!!!

  1. nice review :yes: .. a diff product :yahoo: … i hav tried solid perfumes but they were in a kind of roll on packaging .. this tub style packaging is kind of 😐 so a no for me :nono:

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