9 Long Hairstyles for Round Faces

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How have you all been doing? Today, I’m back with another post and we shall be focusing on the hair. As you all know that the perfect hairstyle and haircut can make or break your complete look, therefore, it is very important to choose the correct one according to your face type. Therefore, if you are one of us with the round faces, read on for some drool-worthy pictures which can be the perfect inspiration for your next hairstyle. These hairstyles will highlight your best features, and lengthen and elongate the look of your face.

Perfect Fashion Model Woman with Beautiful Hairstyle. Prom or Bride Girl

1. Long Outward Layers:

Fashion model with long straight hair. Fashion model posing at studio.

Nothing adds texture to the hair more than layers, and layers that start right below the chin help in elongating the look of round faces. However, blow drying those layers inwards might do the opposite, therefore, for a sleek and chic look, get long outward layers to frame your face perfectly.

2. Sleek Inward Straight Strands:

portrait of young beautiful blonde woman in red dress

Contrary to the popular belief, straight and sleek hair can actually make your face look slimmer. Straighten your hair to perfection, by using shine mist and serum, and bend the ends of the straightened hair inward towards your face, to get the perfect look for a round face.

3. Sexy Side Part:

Portrait of the beautiful young woman with long brown hair posing at studio over dark background

How you part your hair makes a huge impact on how your face looks. To break the width of your round face, go for a sleek and sexy side part. The angular line will add dimension and make your face look sharper and sexier and oh so chic.

4. Get the Bangs Long:

Smiling young woman against blue

If you think that the front bangs aren’t for round faces, think again! All of you with pretty round faces can totally sport the front bangs. The trick for round faces is to the get the bangs long, till your eyebrows, which will draw attention to your eyes and smile. Mandy Moore, Christina Ricci are some of the celebrities who have styled with long hair and round faces to perfection.

5. Side Swept Bangs with Loose Curls:

LOS ANGELES - OCT 26 Jessica Chastain at the Interstellar Premiere at the TCL Chinese Theater on October 26, 2014 in Los Angeles, CA

Another look, that fits absolutely stunningly on girls with long hair and round faces, is side swept bangs with loose curls. The side swept bangs breaks the width of the round faces by creating angularity, whereas, loose and long voluminous curls add length and volume to prevent your face from overpowering your hair. Get your bangs in angular gradient and use a curling tong for the perfect loose curls.

6. Bouffant Curls:

Vintage style portrait of young beautiful stylish girl with hair bun and winged eyes make-up

The easiest way to add length to your face is by making a puff or a bouffant. We can see our Bollywood girl Deepika Padukone always making use of this illusion, and to add that extra bit of glamor to your long hair, after making the puff or bouffant and setting it with hair spray, create some curls at the bottom for some texture and definition.

7. Crown Braid:

Portrait Of Beautiful Young Blond Woman With Braid Crown Hairstyle.

One of those days when you don’t feel like keeping your long tresses open, go for a crown braid. A crown braid adds lots of volume to the crown area, and hence, makes your face look less round. Also, braids are really chic and in this season, sporting it will surely make heads turn, wherever you go.

8. Highlighted Beach Waves:

Healthy hair. Curly long hairstyle. Back view of Blond hairs. hair styling.

Beach waves are a rage this season. Gone are the days when only sleek straight hair was considered as an epitome of style. Careless beach waves have made their way in. It is perfect for you if your tresses are long and your face is round. Also, consider getting some highlights in your beach waves; the dimension and color play will make your face look more contoured.

9. Elegant Updos:

Close-up portrait of beautiful young woman with perfect make-up and hair-style with flowers in hair

The formal attires are never complete without the elegant updos. And, if you are a round-faced beauty, always remember to add lots of curls and volume to the crown to prevent your face from looking too big. Leave some tresses loose to frame your face and make you look like a stunning beauty.

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