How Long Does It Take For A Tattoo To Heal?

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Healing Time For Tattoo

Tattoo is a fashion statement for many and a lot of youngsters are getting inked because it’s such an amazing way to make a statement! But, a very important question that often confuses many people is the time period for a newly-inked tattoo to heal completely. You will get different answers from different tattoo artists as it varies dramatically from person to person, so we are here to clear all your doubts regarding the time time period of tattoo healing. So, let’s go over healing time for tattoo in detail.

Time a Tattoo Takes to Heal, healing time for tattoo

How Long Does It Take For A Tattoo To Heal?

The initial healing period for a tattoo is a couple of weeks and after that, you will no longer notice any redness or irritation, but that doesn’t mean your tattoo is completely healed. It has healed just on the surface of your skin and the entire healing process takes around 3-4 months. So, it is not a good idea to get any work done on the same area of skin until it is healed fully.

Also, there are a number of factors that affect the healing period of tattoo and it is not the same for everyone. Here are some factors:

1. Age: The older a person is, more likely is he/she to have a longer healing period.

2. Immune system: Depending on how strong or weak your immune system is, your healing period will vary. If you have a strong immune system, your tattoo will heal within a few weeks.

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3. Equipment used: Make sure that every piece of equipment that touches your body is sterilized in a proper way so that any infection would not hinder with the healing process. Remember, any allergy or infection can delay the healing process by a few more weeks.

4. After Care: Healing time will also depend on how well you look after your new tattoo and the skin surrounding it. Avoid touching your tattoo frequently, do not use perfumed lotions or cream over it. Anything that touches your tattoo should be 100% allergy tested and free of sulfates and skin irritants.

Tips to Speed up Tattoo Healing:

The most common problem you would encounter with a new tattoo would be itching. So, if you ever feel the temptation to itch, then ask yourself one question– do you want to make a statement with a statement tattoo or do you want an ugly wound that you will have to hide forever? As we have mentioned earlier, the dermis will take up to 3 months to heal completely. So, pulling off a scab will bring out the ink too from the inner layer of skin. Using a good aftercare lotion will not only improve the healing rate of your tattoo, it will also increase the life of your tattoo.

Things to Avoid While Your Tattoo Heals:

  • Don’t apply petroleum-based skin products to your tattoo.
  • Don’t touch your tattoo frequently.
  • Do not scratch your tattoo even if it itches.
  • Avoid swimming as chlorine water might leach color and dry out the still tender skin around your tattoo.
  • Don’t soak in the tub as it can allow bacteria to penetrate the wounds.
  • Avoid getting exposed to direct sunlight as this can lead to fading and burn the unhealed skin.
  • Don’t pick at your scabs or scratch/rub your tattoo.

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