How to Get Longer Eyelashes

long eyelashesHow to get longer eyelashes

A lot of people ask me if I wear mascara all the time because my eyelashes seem to be so long :p but truth being told I take good care of my eye area, it’s the most pampered region :p. there are certain thing that I do to make sure that I have good growth of eyelashes. Before trying out all the tips I will give you, you should check if you are allergic to these things or not for you safety

THE TRUTH- you cannot outgrow your genes, if you naturally have less eyelashes you cannot end up having very long eyelashes but you can have ‘longer’ eyelashes than your natural length e.g. I knew a girl in school who had the longest eyelashes in the world :p her eyelashes touched the crease of her eye!! But her whole body had hair which no one want, so she sort of got one thing she wanted and the other she didn’t 😛 . I have normal eyelashes but because I take care of them, they look nice .

The Treatment– When it comes to putting things on my skin, I am a hyper person. I do not like putting anything on my face that comes packed, I am weird like that. so when it comes down to using products that help you grow your eyelashes my first reaction is that I can do it naturally :p. you get certain eyelash growth things and to be very honest I do not want to ‘try’ something in my eye area because its very vital so I devised this regime its like working out for my face :p.
dabur almond oil
Almond oil– I apply almond oil on my whole eye region and my eyelashes every night; almond oil is super absorbing and it works wonder for your skin. I prefer almond oil which is fit for consumption because there is nothing mixed in this. I use Dabur Badam tail because it was the most easily available and I sort of trust it 🙂 . apply this oil all over your eyes AT NIGHT before going to bed and do not work after that because if the oil goes into your eyes it will burn because it is cleaning your eyes like rose water so that it can seep into you eye area and give you a wrinkle free and beautiful eye area .

cutting eyelashesCutting you eyelashes– okay before you go “WHAT?” I should tell you I do not mean cut them completely but only a little; in my personal experience I cut my eyelashes once a month or once two months and I have a very good result. I only cut my upper eyelashes because my lower eyelashes are long enough and they always go in my eye and make me miserable 🙁 .you have to cut your eyelashes around one fourth of a centimeter so that it isn’t noticeable , you don’t have to be specific in the cutting length but make sure its very little or else you will look funny :p (IMPORTANT- do a check run before starting doing this , cut of one lash hair which you can identify(the first last hair) and see if it grown back , if it does grown back then go ahead but if it doesn’t then this is not for you , your genetics do not allow u to have longer eyelashes ( go and pester your mom for giving you chotu eyelashes :P)

The Prevention– we all know the ladies who love their eye makeup 🙂 ,I love eye makeup but on other people :p but as much as we love it ,it does a lot to ruin our eyelashes .When you are trying to remove any makeup of the eyes please be gentle ladies , you eyelashes seem strong but you don’t have to yank on them you know :/. Give you eyes time to breath they deserve it , they save you so many times from any dust going in your eye.

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22 thoughts on “How to Get Longer Eyelashes

  1. Your eye really looks well taken care of from the picture 🙂 I’ve another recommendation besides Almond Oil, which is Castor Oil. It is much, much thicker and does not absorb into the skin so easily, however, the results are definitely noticeable within a week or so. Smooth under eye skin as well as bushier lashes which can definitely be enhanced with lash curlers. This is tried and tested personally and being a completely natural oil I don’t expect any allergies to trouble anyone, however, as they say Caveat emptor!! Ciao!

    1. yea , i forgot to mention that you can also use castor oil 😛 because i never used it but ive heard that its the same 🙂 with results 🙂

    2. hi shivangi,

      even i agree to your idea of castor oil… it also cools the tired eyes and the results are simply awesome..

      @ komal… u back… how did the trip go…. chek the entries… jinal won :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

      1. yea i came back after a day :/ , but that one day was awesome 🙂 i checked the entries 😀 yay , we came back because the only professor who went with us , his house was broken into and everything stolen 🙁 , we felt so sad for him because he is the sole bread earner in his family 🙁 and we decided we will come back so that he can take care of it all 🙂

        1. shucks man!!!

          that’s sad… U guys must push for proper police probe… if the cops want, the thieves can be caught…

          1. thats what my mom said too !!! heheh yea , ab toh hes handlign it , it gets very awkward :/ , me finalyzing all my presentation so can start studying 😀

  2. I use olive oil on ma lashes…I go through sumting ur classmate does:P lol….I hav long lashes.. n m hairy more than any1 😛 lol tank god to technology n sugar

  3. great article komal.. :bravo: :thanks: i did cut my lashes once and they grew back! but i kinda forgot about it later coz i did that when i was 14 yrs old 😛 will try that again now.. :toothygrin:

    1. heheh sireesha your eyes are soooo prity , you dont need longer lashes than what you have , ohmygod i was in love with your summer entry 😛 :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  4. I am so scared of even trying to cut my lash even 1/4th a centimeter :tremble: :tremble: :tremble: :tremble: :tremble:
    But I will try experimenting like you said :toothygrin:

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