How to Look Beautiful on Ramzan Without Makeup

Are you one of those exceptional women who love to conquer the world without makeup? It is Eid tomorrow and most of the girls are busy planning their makeup looks. If you are one who wants to look gorgeous without any hint of makeup, this post is a must read for you. With great skin care ingredients and some natural ingredient magic, you can look gorgeous and divine. Go through this post if you want to nail the real No Makeup look.

How to Look Beautiful on Ramzan Without Makeup

1. Massage your Face Well

Massaging the face not only reduces the puffiness but also increases the blood circulation which makes the skin look younger, brighter and better. You can use a massage gel or cream and massage it all over the face using your finger tips. You can also use cold spoons or massage rollers to do the job.

2. Moisturize your Face

How to Look Beautiful on Ramzan Without Makeup Innsifree

There is no substitute for this step. After washing and cleansing your face, moisturize your skin really well. Add some serum before the moisturizer to maximize the effect. You can also use some sheet masks to get a good dose of serum. Use a moisturizer according to your skin need. You can also use some good quality facial oil to get the glow on your skin naturally. All moisturizers are not great for hydration. If you want to hydrate the skin, use some aloe gel or bamboo gel on your skin. Dehydrated skin looks dull and it is not what you want for your skin. Also, do not forget to use a under eye brightening cream.
IMBB Recommendation: Innisfree White Tone Up Cream, Farsali 24K Rose Gold Elixir, The Body Shop Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution

3. Do not Skip the Sunscreen

If you are planning to go out in the day time, do not forget your sunscreen. The harsh sun-rays not only damage the skin, but also make it look dull and dark within minutes of stepping out. Try to pick a gel sunscreen as they do not add any color and does not make the skin greasy. Apply a good amount of it on the skin and it will look fresh for long.
IMBB Recommendation: VLCC Water Resistant Sunscreen Gel Creme SPF 60 PA+++, Lotus Herbals UV Screen Matte Gel SPF 50

4. Use Some Hydrating Mist

How to Look Beautiful on Ramzan Without Makeup Kama

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Rose water or lavender water mists are great for the skin during this summer. It adds some soft glow to the skin and gives a refreshing look. The mists helps to blur the pores and refresh the skin. It often helps to keep the sweat away for some time. They are also great for oily skin as they do not make the skin sticky.
IMBB Recommendation: Kama Ayurveda Pure Lavander Water, Colorbar Earth Rose Mist

5. Apply Surma:

Surma is not really a makeup product. It is a traditional form of kajal that makes the eyes look bright and also takes care of your eye health. You can easily grab one of them during this festival. Use it as kajal and also you can smudge it to get a smokey effect. As it is made of natural ingredients, you can use it to tight line the eyes and also in your lower lash line.

6. Use Lash Serum and Curlers

How to Look Beautiful on Ramzan Without Makeup Lash Serum

When your lashes are long and prominent, you do not need any eye makeup. Generally women prefer using mascaras to make their eyes look bright and open. But, if you want to mimic the effect without using makeup products, the lash serums can do the job. The serums condition the lashes in a long run. But apart from that, it helps to hold the curl and maintain the definition. If you want your lashes to look long, voluminous, curled and defined, use a lash curler and then apply some lash serum on top.
IMBB Recommendation: Etude House My Lash Serum, Dior Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum

7. Beet Juice as Blush:

You can add some flush of color to the cheek with beet juice. The red juice adds a very natural color to the cheek and suits all skin tones. You can freeze the juice to form a cube and rub it on your cheeks to get the color along with some cooling effect.

8. Use Vaseline as Highlighter

How to Look Beautiful on Ramzan Without Makeup Vaseline

If you follow IMBB, you will know how famous Rati’s Vaseline glow is. You can totally skip your highlighters and use Vaseline instead, to get the similar effect. Apply a little Vaseline on your cheekbone, bridge of nose and brow bone and the shiny effect lasts all day long. It suits all skin type and looks naturally dewy.
Check Rati’s Vaseline Glow here.

9. Brush the Brow

Even if you do not want to fill in the brow, brushing it is important. Pluck away the excess and then brush the brow. It helps the brow to be in shape and be defined. You can also use a little Vaseline to set it in place.

10. Use Lip Oil:

How to Look Beautiful on Ramzan Without Makeup Lip Oil

Lip oils nourish the lips and make them look fuller and healthier. Lip oils are often tinted that adds a natural color to the lips. It loosk very natural and compelets your No Makeup look in the most perfect manner.
IMBB Recommendation: Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil 

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