How to Look Good in the Morning

How to Look Good in the Morning

Morning means chaos for some of us, getting ready might be your top priority but do something beforehand as well to wake up looking good in the morning, I love these following tips, take a look:

Scrub clean:

Remove all makeup before going to bed. Using the tips of your index and middle fingers, lather facial wash across your face in circles. Use a blackhead removing scrub if you have pores, Clean your makeup, tone and apply light moisturizer or a night cream according to skin type. Even if you haven’t put on makeup that day, wash your face before you go to bed because there is a chance that you can produce blackheads on your face or pimples overnight.

how to look good in the morning

Use a good eye cream. The undereye area will probably be dry as well, so to make your concealer application easier, smooth and moisturize the area around the eyes with a trusted, hydrating eye cream.

Hot water therapy:

Use a little hot water in the morning to open pores and use a mild facewash..then rinse off with cold water.

After drinking coffee, tea, or loads of water and taking a hot shower, make sure to use a hydrating serum, before moisturizer and sunscreen. When you don’t get enough sleep, the skin tends to be dry, so this should help make it look and feel more hydrated.

Tidy hair:

Tidy your hair at night and tie a loose pony before you brush them. This will hair will be looking better in the morning. When you wake up in the morning, there will be nice waves in your hair for a casually-polished look.

Use a lightweight foundation, or a tinted moisturizer. Due to lack of sleep, your will most likely look pale or sallow. Find a foundation that works for your skin type and can reduce any redness, but feels lightweight. Even if you’ve used primer, the skin might still feel uneven, and heavy foundation might end up looking cakey.

Get the right amount of sleep your body needs.If you need to give your eyes a quick lift in the morning put a spoon that has been refrigerated overnight for few minutes and hold it there. The cold temperature will reduce the darkness and it will become less noticeable.


Stretch or do some yoga under the morning sun in your balcony, it will wake you up to a fresh morning face.

Brush at night this way you will have better teeth in the morning forever.

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Spray on a facial mist later. If later on during the day, you feel like your skin needs some hydration or refreshing, lightly spray on some facial mist.

Lip balm:

This is really a must have, apply lip balm at night so you have softer in the morning.


Moisturize your elbows, knees and body lightly at night as well as in the morning, keep a handy bottle in the bag for any rough patches you might find later.


Sleep with a glass of water and wake up with one, try warm water.

First healthy bite:

Grab a banana first thing in the morning, this will ensure your metabolism gets ready fo the day.


Shampoo the night before if you think you dont have time in the morning, if short of time, sprinkle some baby powder onto the hair and brush and flip your hair below to give it grease free volume.

Style your hair:

Work with your natural hair, loose waves, curls or pony tail, you cannot straighten them every morning, so look for a style that works best for you.Tame flyaway hair quickly with a little moisturizer.


Always apply deodorant and body spray. Apply it at your wrists, cleavage, your ankles, and the sides of your neck. Always keep one in your bag, a perfume atomizer is indispensable.


This is my personal tip, keep i-tone eye drop in the fridge and use it whenever your eyes feel tired.once at night and morning works best!

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For tips to look awake with makeup read my post HERE, carry your mascara, balm, gloss or kohl in your bag to perfect it later on..carry your essentials.

Avoid coffee, red wine and chocolate the night before.

Go to bed happy:

Never sleep after a fight, patch up kiss and makeup for a perfect night sleep to wake up looking good in the morning.


Pray for a few minutes enjoying the silence of the night and morning so you wake up with a calm looking fresh face in the morning.

Eat your meal two hours before bed at least.

Elevate your head during sleep, drink tons of water, and minimize sugar and salt intake..

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  1. Red wine actually gives a pretty flush though 😀 And it`s good for health in moderation (for alcohol that`s saying something ) 😛

  2. Awesome huh *clap* *clap* how do you think of all this *shock* *jai ho* *jai ho* *jai ho* amazing tips *happy dance* kal subhe uth ke i’ll do all this *puchhi* *hifive* *hifive*

  3. Another awesome post *jai ho* *jai ho* but wanted to know Using eye drops without consulting the doc is that safe? Can i use those eye drops *scared* my eyes are felling very tired these days and i’v also heard that the eye tone eye drops give slight burning sensation for first 2-3 days, is that true neha di?

    1. I have been using I-Tone for ages now.. but if u want a safe one.. u can use Tears Natural.Its the safest recommended by doctors..

  4. Great tips..
    i wanna add something. when using i-tone eye drop you have to remember one thing – it gets expired in 30 days of opening. So make sure the day you open the bottle.. put that date on the bottle with a pen and discard it when it crosses 30 days.
    just for care. (my duty as an Mbbs student)
    Good Luck !

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