How To Look Good in Shorts

Looking Good in Shorts

Shorts have always been in the talks. Wearing shorts does not necessarily need an occasion, for instance Deepika Padukone, she makes sure that she has worn at least one pair of shorts at least in one shot of her movie. Moreover, there’s no one who would avoid wearing shorts in any season. Shorts of any kind are the hot favorites currently.


But have you ever thought why there exists a sect of women who avoid wearing shorts, their family restrictions apart. There are certain things which restrict women from wearing short and flaunting their legs. Well, here’s an article which will certainly help all those women who want to try the shorts but just can’t do so. So read on to find more.

There are thousands of diets and exercises available on the internet, health magazines, newspapers etc for getting the right legs to flaunt. But here I give you the top secret exercises and a diet which is sure to make magic for you. I tried it, made my mommy and friends try it and it worked, I hope it does the same with you.

The most aerobic move the “Step-Up” is the best exercise in the world to shape up the thighs. Believe me. It targets the glutes and the quads or quadriceps. All you need to do is stand beside a low stepper or a chair keeping your feet and hip-width apart. Keep the left foot onto the seat, keep abs engaged and the back straight and tall, press in the left foot and bring the right one onto seat. Now Step down the right foot down. Repeat the same for 10 times, switching legs. Step-up-B Next is the Lateral Leg Lift which targets the Glutes and outer thighs. This is an easy one, all you need to do is Lie down on your right side and bend the right knee at 90 degrees and straighten the left leg. Now Flex left foot and twirl the toes towards the floor, and lift your leg at around 45 degrees; lower. Repeat minimum 25 times switching sides. pho_exercise_armchair-supported-lateral Bend/Extend is another easy move to shape up the hamstrings and glutes. Get down on your fours with your hands under your shoulders and your knees under the hips. Now lift the right leg at approximately 90 degrees in such a manner that the bottom of the foot faces the ceiling. Now straighten the right leg until its parallel to the floor whilst bending your knee. Repeat for minimum 20 times switching the legs. situp I know many of you must be finding it difficult to follow this so I ‘m posting appropriate pictures which could help you. The Lateral Leg Circle basically targets the Core, glutes, and inner thighs. All you need to do is Stand with your feet together, the knees slightly bent, and the hands on the hips. Now Lift the right foot a little off the floor and depict large circles in the air balancing on the left leg. Please keep the abs tight while doing this. Have a set of 20 switching sides. half-seated-leg-circle preview This one is the easiest of the set, the Skate Jump. It targets almost the whole leg from your waist, the Core, glutes, quads, thighs, and calves. Just Stand with the feet together and the knees slightly bent. And now the fun part, Jump 3 to 4 feet to the right with right foot, and land with the feet together. Now Jump left, and continue jumping back and forth for a minute. Skate Jump

The Spider Veins is one more superficial adversary for the women interested in flaunting their feet. Spider veins are basically tiny blood vessels that swell with blood when the regulators within the veins weaken. My mommy used to suffer this but now with the workout she does at the gym they have subsided. Hormonal changes and genes result in this venial disorder. The Use of body makeup can conceal these hideous scrawls. Use a hue which matches your skin color exactly. Moisturize the skin first and then apply makeup with a small brush. Gently tap to blend; and then set it with a powder dusting.

About 90 percent of women have cellulite and it prevents women from wearing shorts and mini skirts since it mostly shows up at the thighs. Although there are many products available for cellulite treatments but most of them are temporary fixes. Kistern stewart

Now that we had a work out schedule, here is something for the lazy bums who hate work outs. You just need to follow this two to three times a day and you can surely throw away those baggies and wavy skirts and buy those denim shorts and mini skirts.

I have named the diet: Fill Up to Slim Down. You need to have a mixture of proteins in your diet, add whole grains, fruits, and veggies to your regular meals. You can have ice cream and cookies, too. Aim for about 1500 calories a day.

Last but not the least, always buy clothes which fit you exactly and comfortably. Remember, the wider the waistband, the better. Flat pockets are not that bad. Be on the safer side and get a mid-thigh length short but if you are confident go for the shorter one.

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21 thoughts on “How To Look Good in Shorts

  1. very nice article. the last time i wore shorts was when i was in class nine. after that i ballooned up and till now, my legs aren’t suitable for shorts. i’m on my way to lose weight, but i don’t think they’ll ever look good on me again! no cellulite, thankfully! just big thighs.
    .-= Rima Kaur´s last blog ..Beneath The Smiles =-.

    1. Thanks Rima….I personally don’t wear shorts……. but theres no harm trying….. I don’t mean get out in those shorts…just at home would do….or for a safer side while going to sleep…… Don’t conclude till you try…give it a” short”.. 🙂

      Wear a pair which are a bit above your knees….if you have healthy thighs…and work hard on steppers and thread mill to shape them up… :shout:

      1. my thighs are shaping up slowly and steadily. i think i’ll reach somewhere in a couple of months. it’s just been two months since i joined the gym and the results are pretty amazing. this post reinforces me further!
        .-= Rima Kaur´s last blog ..Beneath The Smiles =-.

        1. post helps you……you will shape up in few months don’t worry..because thighs are the most worked out parts of the bosy//since all most every move needs the legs… 🙂 :cyclops:

  2. Great post Zeeba! I’m an apple-shape so legs aren’t my biggest problem, my midriff is 🙁 !
    It’s great to see a fitness article here…can we have more!? 😀
    Perhaps something that lets me eat my chawal (rice) and fit into my jeans too? 😛

    1. Thanks Devika…… ahem ahem…chawal and fitness don’t go together……I mean….either of the two has to stay.. 🙁

      And trust me giving up on rice is the best thing you can do to reduce weight….you can indulge in 1-2 a week…but not more…..And I will try to give in more health posts.. 🙂

      Love the response…. 🙂 :inlove:

    1. Hmmm…now thats a query….. I think again there are certain set of exercises recommended for blowing up portions….,,,,,shall find out for you…… but shorts look great with such legs…take all those skinny models for instance……. try and let me know,. :rotfl: :yes:

  3. Hey Zeeba, I wore shorts back in those schooldays when nobody cared, but right now, its a big no-no…..I live in Hyd and if I wore shorts, it would scare the daylights out of people. Surprisngly, through my pregnancy and after, I did not become that much heavier downwards… I have got thighs and legs with minus cellulite…

    1. woooww…That’s nice….. common Jomol…don’t wear it out….wear at home……..or as i recommended Rima..while going to bed…. 🙂

      When you have something worth flaunting …flaunt it………

      and Kudos…you have maintained after pregnancy too… 🙂

  4. Haven’t worn shorts in a long time. Wish those hostel days come back. and I bloody need to exercise. May be this post gives me some inspiration. 😛

  5. Hi Zeeba, nice article, I am from Goa so have practically lived in shorts all my life.. however after my pregnancy and baby, shorts went out and pjs were in, 😐 , lucky for me Ive managed to lose the wt in the past couple of months and am back to wearing my shorts (at home only tho) :shy: , so I am happy.. (theres something about wearing shorts thats makes me feel young and girly again,) thx for the exercises, (one can never get enough of them), will try them out

    1. that’s nice….Renuka..I so agree with the goa climate. Shorts r necessary… :)……..try out the exercises and let me know if they make a difference…and thanks for complimenting my work.:)

  6. Hmm, i think you can wear shorts even if your plump or big waist below.U just have to rock it!
    But in chennai, you dont really see many women wearing short’s & if you do wear them the looks some men give is just,spine chillin! 😮

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