10 Simple Ways To Look Refreshed and Pretty Every Morning

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This post is all about the simple ways in which you can wake up every morning looking naturally and effortlessly beautiful. All that really takes is for you to keep certain things in mind before you hit the sack the previous night and to follow a simple and mindful health and beauty routine. We have compiled a list of ten simple things that you can do the previous night and in general so that you can wake up bright and beautiful every morning. Let’s take a look at what these things are:

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1. Get enough hours of restful sleep:  One of the most crucial things you can do to wake up looking beautiful the next morning is to get enough hours of sound sleep. You shouldn’t sleep too much, nor should you sleep too little. 7-9 hours of sleep is ideal. If you tend to get disturbed by light or sound, make use of an eye mask and ear plugs to ensure undisturbed sleep.

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2. Follow a regular sleep routine: In addition to getting enough hours of restful sleep, another important thing to do is to set a bedtime and wake-up time. If your sleep hours remain erratic, your body won’t know when to feel tired and when to feel refreshed. To make sure that you wake up refreshed every morning, try and wake up at a fixed time on most days of the week.

3. Avoid sleeping on your side: Many of us prefer to sleep on our side. While that can be a comfortable position, it is what ends up causing puffiness in the morning and premature wrinkles on your face. To look bright and refreshed every morning, it is ideal for you to sleep on your back, although that may take some getting used to, especially if you’re not in the habit of sleeping on your back.

4. Remove every trace of makeup before bed:  Needless to say, it is very important to let your skin breathe freely during the night. This helps the skin rejuvenate while you sleep. Make sure to remove every trace of makeup before you go to bed.

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5. Follow a nightly skincare routine: Once you have removed your makeup, it is essential to deeply hydrate your skin. Ensure that you regularly use a night cream, a serum/oil and an eye cream every night. This will help you get that soft, radiant and recuperated skin when you wake up in the morning.

6. Brush and floss your teeth:  Many of us tend to feel lazy at night and end up skipping the ritual of brushing our teeth at night. However, if you want to wake up looking nice and beautiful in the morning, your teeth and fresh breath have an important role to play. Always remember to brush your teeth and floss before bed.

7. Drink enough water before bed:  Get your fill of water before you sleep. This is not only beneficial for your system, but it will replenish and rehydrate your skin overnight.

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8. Stop eating 2 hours before your bedtime: To avoid bloating, fatigue and uneasiness the next morning, make sure that you stop eating and/or snacking about two hours before it is time for you to sleep. This will ensure that you wake up feeling light and refreshed the next morning.

9. Sleep on clean, soft and comfortable sheets:  To make sure that you wake up with soft, creaseless and zit-free skin the next morning, you should ensure that you’re sleeping on soft and clean bed sheets.

10. Regulate the temperature in your bedroom:  Ensure that your bedroom is neither too hot nor too cold during the night. Extreme temperatures are likely to dehydrate your skin, which is sure to show up in the morning. Maintain an optimum temperature in the bedroom.

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