How To Look Thin in Pictures?

You will find yourself great in the mirror but do you feel you look “meh” in selfies and photos. Many of us have faced this situation and believe us, the mistake is not in you or in the camera, but in the way the pictures are taken and the way you pose. Yes, following certain tricks can make you look thin in pictures than you actually are. It’s been mastered by beauty bloggers and photographers and now it’s time for us to master the art of looking thin in photos. Read on to find out how to look thin in pictures.

1. Stand at an angle: If you face the camera completely straight, it will show your widest view. Also, if you turn completely sideways, it will highlight your stomach. So, always stand at a bit of an angle by putting all your weight one one leg and push the hip of that leg back as far as you can, and let the other leg stand loose in front of you as it lengthens your body. Also, push the shoulder of the same side that your weight is on back and let the shoulder on the side of the front leg come forward and down a bit.

2. Keep your arms up: Holding your arms down make it press against your body and adds some extra bulk to them. So, always place your hands on your hip or at your sides without resting them down. Or, if you have pockets in your dress, try putting your hands in your pocket. The idea is to ensure that there is always a little space between your body and your arms.

3. Perfect your posture: Maintain a good posture by standing up straight with your shoulders back and chest out. This will make you look slim instantly and it is also good for your back. So, practice it regularly.

4. Hold your Chin Up and Out: Prevent your face from looking wide without a double chin by keeping your head held high. To do this, stick your chin out a little bit which will make an illusion of slim jaw line and longer neck.

5. Lift your tongue while you smile: Do you notice your eyes squinting and cheeks looking chubby while smiling for your pictures? To avoid this, try this weird trick by sticking your tongue to the roof of your mouth while you smile. This action will tighten the muscles under your chin and give you a slimmer look. Practice this smile in the mirror earlier by placing your tongue in the different parts of the roof of the mouth and find your best pose.

6. Keep Your hairstyle voluminous: Hair with volume adds balance to the shape of your head and your face. So, avoid doing tight bun and ponytail, rather try a loose updo or add waves or curls to your hair and make it look voluminous.

7. Sit on the edge of your seat and cross at your ankles: If you’re sitting down for a photo, sit at the edge of the chair and angle your body again. Also, avoid slouching as it will showcase your belly area. So, keep your back straight and take a deep breath to make sure your chest up as much as possible. While crossing your legs, never cross it at the knees as it can highlight bigger thighs. So, cross your legs at your ankles as it lengthen your body and brings attention up to your face.

8. Camera Tricks: Holding the camera below your eyes will make your face look larger than it really is. So, ask your photographer to hold the camera high as it will make you look even slimmer. Also, never look down at the camera when your picture is being taken or while taking a selfie to get the best angle. 
Avoid direct sunlight for outdoor photos as the sunlight can cause you to squint, which in turn makes your cheeks and jawline look wider. So, if you have no choice, try standing with your back to the sun so you won’t squint as much.

9. Wearing the Right Outfit: Wear solid, dark colors as it will make you look slimmer and shifts the focus to be on your face. So, remember to avoid big prints and patterns as it can make you look bigger. And if you like patterns, vertical stripes are your best bet for looking slimmer. More than the colour of your clothes, it is important to wear a well-fitted outfit. So, if you want to ignore attention from a certain area, wear looser clothes only on that area. Try long cardigan or suit jackets to lengthen your torso. Also, make yourself look so slimmer by pairing wide belts with your dresses, blouse and skirt combos, dress shirts with pants, or any outfit combination.


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