Lorac Pro Palette 3 Review

Hello everyone,

One of my most favorite eyeshadow palettes of all time is my Lorac Pro Eyeshadow Palette. It is my most “used and abused” palette and the only palette that comes with me on my travels. When Lorac announced that they were coming out with a 3rd part to the Lorac Pro series, imagine my excitement! I got this palette within a week or so of its launch and after having a thorough go at it, I bring to you a review on this eyeshadow palette.

Lorac Pro Palette

Product Description:
Go Pro with Lorac Pro Palette 3! The third edition to Lorac’s original, best-selling PRO Palette, this PRO artistry palette is packed with 8 shimmer and 8 matte eyeshadows in all the soft and feminine shades you need to create the hottest looks straight from the Red Carpet. Lorac’s velvety-smooth shadows are infused with soothing botanicals and are ultra-pigmented to perform wet or dry so you can shade, shadow, line and define your eyes, just like a pro. Pro Palette 3 contains 16 eyeshadows and a mini Behind the Scenes Eye Primer for stay-true color that lasts, a PRO must-have!

Lorac Pro Palette 3 outer packaging


My Experience with Lorac Pro Palette 3:

Packaging:  The packaging is the same as the original palette except for the difference in outer color to help you differentiate between them easily. The outer surface is a velvety smooth material which does attract dirt and residue eyeshadow powder and tends to get dirty quickly. This palette also comes which the mini eyeshadow primer (Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer).

Lorac Pro Palette 3 open

Texture:  The thing that makes me love these Lorac eyeshadows are the quality of the eyeshadow powders. They truly are the softest, silkiest powders (referring to both the mattes and the shimmers) which do not feel chalky or gritty at all and have a creamy feel to them. Most of the eyeshadows in this palette (except the shade “Medallion”) are of the same high quality, which makes me very happy. They do kick up some powder when you dip your brush in, which is a common thing with the Lorac shadows, but if you tap off excess from your brush before application, there is no issue of concern with fallout.

Lorac Pro Palette 3 complete palette

Pigmentation:  All the shadows, even the light ones have excellent pigmentation and I expected nothing less from Lorac. I have absolutely no issue blending them and building up the intensity to my liking. They blend seamlessly without much effort.

Shades:  If you compare the original Lorac Pro and Lorac Pro 3 palettes, you will some similarities but most of the shades do have subtle differences in terms of undertones hence they are not completely identical.  The biggest difference I have noticed between the two Lorac pro palettes is that – with the original version, along with daytime look, I can also create dramatic party wear looks (I am referring to the colors Gold, Garnet, Deep purple) with ease. The intensity of the metallic shades are bolder, richer and hence pack more of a punch which makes it a truly versatile palette.

Lorac Pro Palette 3 comparison

Though I do enjoy the Lorac Pro 3 as well, but this palette offers a more subtle, softer take on colors. The metallic colors are beautiful, but the color scheme is not as vibrant and intense. The shades in this palette are truly classic (referring to the shades Rose Bronze, Amethyst) and something you cannot go wrong with, but if you are a bold eye and color lover, you might be underwhelmed with these shades. I do feel this palette is best for everyday wear, day time/office wear, and perfect for college-going girls. The looks created with this palette don’t require much thought process, they are simple and effortless yet they give beautiful polished eye makeup.

Let’s go to the breakdown of individual shades.

Top Row (All mattes):
Blanc – A soft creamy white shade. Good pigmentation but does disappear when blended on my skin and leaves behind a soft glow. Great for doing subtle highlighting of the brow bone and inner corner.
Canvas – A light beige-n*de shade. This shade is the perfect skin tone shadow for me. I can use this on its own or mixed in with “Blanc” to set my primer, can also be used to highlight brow bone.
Cool Taupe- A light cool tone brown which makes nice transition shade.

Lorac Pro Palette 3 shadows

Pink Nude- A soft light peachy pink nude shade. Similar to Canvas which had a yellow undertone but this one has more of a pink undertone. Love using this as a transition shade or to blend out harsh edges.
Clay – One my favorite shades in the palette. This is nice warm tone pinky brown. Makes a great crease color or even as an all-over lid shade for a matte eye look.
Terracotta- This might be my favorite color in the palette. It is a warm mustard-y terracotta brown with a strong orange yellow tone to it. Love this as a crease color or even as an all over lid shade for a all matte eye look. I reach for this shade a lot.
Dk. Brown- As the same states, this is a warm dark brown shade. Great for deepening up the outer V or to smudge lower lash line.
Jet Black- A classic jet black is a must for every palette. Can be used to smudge out the kohl or used to create a Smokey eye.

Lorac Pro Palette 3 light shades

Lorac Pro Palette 3 shades

Bottom Row (All shimmers):
Lt. Gold- A light gold with a strong metallic finish. Love using this as an inner corner highlight.
Almond Pearl- Similar to the shade “Lt Gold” but this one has more of a pink undertone. Also love to use this as an inner corner highlight depending on the look I am going for.
Medallion- This shade was the most disappointing in the palette. This shade is like mostly loose shimmer/glitter pressed into the pan without any strong creamy base which helps it adhere onto the skin hence when you go to apply it, it just causes fall out all over. This antique gold shade is quite gorgeous but the application causes it to be a dud. I found the best way to apply this is tapping it with fingertips over existing shades to give them more of a glittery pop. I do wish this shade was as richly pigmented and creamy like the “Gold” shade in my original Lorac palette.

Lorac Pro Palette 3 closeup
Lt. Pewter- A light pewter shade with a slight or light purple/lilac undertone. Makes a gorgeous all-over lid shade.
Amethyst- Is a deep purple eggplant shade with a reddish undertone.
Rose Bronze- Similar to the shade “Lt Pewter” but with more of a rose-y brown tone. Also a gorgeous all over lid shade
Dk. Mocha- is a deep chocolate brown with a silver shift finish. Blended it gives depth and a satin finish. I love using this on the outer V.
Truffle- This is a deep charcoal black with a slight grey undertone.

Lorac Pro Palette 3 swatches top row

Lorac Pro Palette 3 swatches bottom row

Staying Power:  These shadows do not crease on me and have a good staying power of 7-8 hours on me. I do use all my eyeshadows with a primer base so that might improve the longevity, but in general, Lorac eyeshadows wear quite well on me. The shimmer shades don’t seem to lose their intensity throughout the wear.

Overall, I am quite pleased with this palette as a whole in terms of excellent quality and pigmentation. It is not to the level of absolute perfection as I consider my original Lorac palette to be, but it is definitely close second. I do reach for this when I want a simple, no-fuss, easy eye look and they turn out beautiful every single time. I am underwhelmed with the color scheme personally as I am more of a “vibrant, bold color lover,” but this is a matter of preference, but anyway, going soft and subtle every once in a while can’t hurt. If you are looking for a good, everyday palette, I highly recommend you to pick this one.

EOTD 1 (Party wear look):

Used a mix of “Blanc” and “Canvas” to set primer.
Used a mix of “Cool taupe” and “Pink Nude” as transition.
Used “Rose bronze” all over lid and applied “Medallion” with tapping fingertip in the center.
Used “Terracotta” in the crease and “Dk brown” in the outer V.
Used “Lt gold” in the inner corner.
Applied Marc Jacobs highliner in the shade “Orange crush” on the lower lash line.

Party eye makeup look with eyeliner

EOTD 2 (Easy daytime eye look):

Used “Amethyst” all over the lid and blended “Pink Nude” as a transition shade and “Clay” to soften the harsh edges in the crease. Inner corner and brown bone highlight is “Canvas.”

Lorac pro palette 3 eyeshadow swatches

Pros of Lorac Pro Palette 3:

  • Soft, easy to blend shadows.
  • Beautiful classic shades.
  • Almost all shades offer amazing pigmentation which does not require a whole lot of layering.
  • Perfect travel companion due to sleek thin magnetic palette.
  • Comes with a primer.

Cons of Lorac Pro Palette 3:

  • The shadows do kick up powder, best to tap of excess before blending.
  • Outer covering attracts fingerprints and dust
  • The shade Medallion was a disappointment.

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2 thoughts on “Lorac Pro Palette 3 Review

  1. This looks like a better version of a N*K*D palette, what with the addition of the numerous mattes. However, the mattes seem to be divided into half warm and half cool – like an attempt to please everybody. Well reviewed. N Loved your eOTD!

    1. Yes it was a good attempt on Loracs part to create an all rounded palette.. Is it perfect? No.. But will it please a lot of people? Definitely!

      Thank u K !

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