L’oréal Glam Shine 6H Lipgloss – Golden Tattoo

L’oréal Glam Shine 6H Lipgloss Golden Tattoo

Hello Girlies,

All the girls obviously want those glittery and sparkling lips when they go out, so my review for today is going to be this lip gloss named “L’oréal Glam shine 6H lip gloss “ in the shade golden tattoo. I got this particular gloss after watching Aisha movie where the glamorous girls where using these cosmetics. So I went to the mall and purchased this gloss and was pretty excited to try this as well. There were so many shades to select from but I had stocked up many pink and purple coloured glosses, so picked this one up. This range has 16 shades.

Price: Rs 715 (6 ml)

What the company claims:

L’Oréal Paris introduces Glam Shine 6 Hours, our 1st lip gloss that shines for up to 6 hours! Offering a perfect balance between shine and staying power, just one sweep is enough to achieve plump, glossy looking lips.

Choose from a wide collection of shimmering shades with colours ranging from natural nudes and soft pinks to glamorous reds and beautiful browns.
L’oréal glam Shine 6H Lipgloss Golden Tattoo


The packaging is very classy and looks expensive and of-course should be because we pay so much for this tiny gloss. The silver top of the gloss adds elegance to the gloss bottle. It is very handy to carry along with you. The name of the gloss is not that brightly visible on the bottle because the shade of the gloss is a blend of silver and golden, and it does not let the fonts come up completely. The wand is very cute and soft and I found their concept of a heart-shaped wand amazing. That is a unique thing we notice in this gloss and also creates more feeling of feminism.

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My take on L’oréal Glam Shine 6H Lipgloss – Golden Tattoo:

The colour which I have picked up is a very nude kind of a colour. Because I just had a few tinted lip balms which don’t look good when you go for a party or something .This shade is perfectly suitable when you have smokey eyes or heavy eye make-up, then obviously lips should be mild and this is the perfect colour to go with. This gloss does not have any kind of fragrance actually ,so I wish they had added a little fragrance, as we all want that yummy taste.

The consistency of this gloss is very thick and sticky as well. My hair when fly on my face, the gloss sticks a lot. I have not really tried such sticky glosses ever. So was disappointed a little relating to stickiness. Yes, the gloss perfectly lasts long even if you drink or have food and I was so amazed having a look at its staying power, but it starts fading after 4 hours or so. After that only the glitter particles stay on your lips and the colour goes away and feels way more stickier.

L’oréal glam shine 6H lip gloss golden tattoo swatch

As I picked up a nude shade, it does not come up on my lips in just 1 swipe as the company claims. I have to swipe it at-least 2-3 times for the colour to fully show up but I am perfectly ok with it. Although the darker shades will show up in just one swipe. Overall it is a very good lip gloss but I think there are many more lip glosses which are better and cheaper then this one.

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Pros of L’oréal Glam Shine 6H Lipgloss – Golden Tattoo:

-Staying power is amazingly good.
-Heart-shaped wand which makes it easy to apply.
-Huge variety of shades to select from.
-Glitter particles which make lips look more plump as they claim.
-Lasts for upto 2 years if used four times in a month or so.

glossy lips

Cons of L’oréal Glam Shine 6H Lipgloss – Golden Tattoo:

-Extremely sticky.
-Does not last for 6 hours a the name says.
-No fragrance.

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Would I repurchase/recommend L’oréal Glam Shine 6H Lipgloss – Golden Tattoo?

Not really because I have tried many glosses which are better than this one. I have this one from VOV , just picked it up from a random shop. Costed me just 250 bucks and has the same shade and fragrance as well, I cannot really make out the difference. So will not repurchase it. But will recommend for people who want glosses with long staying power.

IMBB Rating:

4/5 (sticky and expensive)
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    1. Thanks a lot Ila.. 🙂 actually the shade is very glittery nude..so i guess it might look good on everyone..although you can give it a try 🙂 😉

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