Lord & Berry Dream Gloss Review

Lord & Berry Dream Gloss Review

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Today, I am going to review about lip gloss in the form of pencils, which is not an Indian product .Yes, I am going to review about Lord & Berry Lip Gloss in the form of lip pencil. Lord & Berry is an Italy-based cosmetic product. Recently, 99lables.com hosted a sale for personal care products and cosmetics from various brands. From them only, I came to know about Lord & Berry Lip Gloss cum pencil. It is an awesome product, which gives me an appealing and mild look.

Lord Berry Dream Glosses

Let’s Look at Something About Lord & Berry Brand and its Claims:

More than cosmetics, Lord & Berry is a fashion house committed to constant research, innovation and design products to inspire self-confidence in a woman’s beauty. We believe fashion is culture, a form of expression, and it can be used to help women excel in life. A brand new revolutionary product from Lord & Berry, lip gloss in a pencil! A totally new concept in lip color. The unique formula of this pencil allows you to perfectly apply the product without smears or smudges. The innovative LXB Complex protects and moisturizes your lips.

It comes in 8 Shades:

• Sweet Cherry.
• Fancy Rose.
• Whisper Pink.
• Moon White.
• Mirage Sand.
• Hypnotic Orange.
• Shiny Bronze.
• Toffee.

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My Pick is Whisper Pink.

Price of the Pencil as mentioned in the Website is 10 dollars, but from 99lables.com, I bought it for Rs 390 inclusive of shipping.

Size of the pencil is medium when compared with other lip pencils, but it is a huge Jumbo pencil in thickness.



Net Weight:

2.55 grams.


This pencil has a vanilla flavor fragrance, which is my favorite one. Its staying power is too good, once after applying, it still continues to be wet. It is an ideal product for chapped lips since it won’t get dry.

My Experience with Lord & Berry Dream Gloss:

I am having chapped lips, which tends to get dry easily. After experimenting with Lord & Berry Dream Glosses, it gave me an appealing and neat look. Girls who prefer nude colours can opt for this gloss. I got a bit disappointed only with the shade, Whisper Pink is somewhat lighter shade of pink.

Swatches of Lord & Berry Dream Gloss:



This picture is taken in bright light.


Likes about Lord & Berry Dream Gloss:

• Jumbo pencil looks so cute and it can be easily carried in our makeup bag.
• No need to sharpen the pencil often, since the lip gloss lead is thick and pointed.
• It moisturizes lips and leaves it smooth.
• It has a glittering effect.
• It can be even applied over lipstick to have a complete look.

Dislikes About Lord & Berry Dream Gloss:

• Its vanilla flavor fragrance is the main drawback for people who hate scented cosmetic products.
• Availability in India is quite low. If I wish to continue this product, I don’t know which international website I should search. Colour quality should be enhanced. It has a very light pinkish shade.
• It is not suitable for darker skin tones.

Final Verdict:

I bought this product thinking that it will be in my favourite pink colour. From now, I am not going to buy any product only by the name of the shade, I need to do some research and then only, I am going to pick any product.

Will I Buy It Again?

Yes sure, but with different dark shades.

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  2. never tried anything from lord and berry. they had a store in select city walk here but nothing was too convincing when i check out the stuff. then they closed out the store. They are very strong with their lip and eye products though..

    I do like the vanilla fragrance. not sure if i really am inclined to try out their stuff. glad it worked for you. 🙂

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