Lord & Berry The Eyeshadow Base in Glycine

Lord & Berry The Eyeshadow Base in Glycine

I got this particular eyeshadow for my sister. It is a very pretty, light lilac shade and is a very pretty lid colour.

Lord & Berry The Eyeshadow Base in Glycine

The colour is very light and pretty, preferable for day wear.  It is not pigmented, but the colour is buildable.  In fact, in one swipe, there is very little color on the lids.  Using a good base with it would be a better idea to get more colour.  I found it powdery, but it doesn’t have much fallout.

Eyeshadow base

It comes in a very small and cute square box with a mirror which is very good and sponge tip applicators with a flat end and pointed end too.  It can be used dry as well as wet for higher pigmentation.  It gives a matte finish.  It doesn’t have any kind of shimmer in it, but I did find the smell a little weird.  Its a nice product but I personally would have liked it to be more pigmented.  It has a nice staying power though and stays put for me when used with a primer till I don’t take it off.

Here is a swatch:


I have swatched it thrice to show the color.

Pros of Lord & Berry The Eyeshadow Base in Glycine:

  • Can be used wet and dry.
  • Comes with a mirror and brush.
  • Staying Power.

Lord and Berry

Cons of Lord & Berry The Eyeshadow Base in Glycine:

  • Should have been more pigmented.
  • Smell is a little weird.
  • Limited availability.

Will I Buy Lord & Berry The Eyeshadow Base in Glycine Again?

Yeah, but maybe not this shade, I want to try their darker colours.

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  1. Thanks for the review, I was kinda doubtful about Lord & Berry stuff since I’ve never really seen it in stores. Also, I just bought that same issue of Vogue recently 😀 😛

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