Lord & Berry Semi-Matte Lipstick- Mandarino

Lord &Berry Semi-Matte Lipstick – Mandarino

Bright colors really brighten up the mood, but how many of us would want to wear it on our lips?
Nonconventional and off beat colors are a little tricky and one would need self-confidence to carry it!! Orange color is one of them; there are several shades of this color in the market. They are either sheer, toned down or mixed with different other colors to create some undertones. But what about the real orange color! Well I bring you today a lipstick from Lord & Berry Semi-Matte Lipstick in Mandarino which is a brilliant bright orange color and a proud part of my collection!!!! I was hunting for this color since a long time and finally I got it!!

Lord & Berry Semi-Matte Lipstick mandarino


INR 710

Net wt.: 4 gm or 0.14 oz

Product description:
Lord & Berry Semi-Matte Lipstick Mandarino

The lipstick comes in a classic black case with Lord and Berry written on it. The color of the bullet is not as bright as it comes out on the lips.

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My take on Lord & Berry Semi-Matte Lipstick- Mandarino:

The lipstick lives exactly by its name. It is a perfect match of matte and creaminess therefore called as semi-matte and the color of the lipstick is exactly like a mandarin orange, just the one I always wanted!!
Lord & Berry Semi-Matte Lipstick Mandarino  (6)
Pigmentation is awesome, though it bleeds a little but an outline with a lip liner would work perfectly. It has a strange fruity smell which I like, but doesn’t bother much.

Application tips:

For those with dry lips would need to apply a lip balm at least a minute before applying this lipstick. If you don’t have much time, then apply the lip balm, rub the lips with each other and wipe off the excess at the back of your hand and then apply the lipstick. It will then give you great results. The reason of wiping off the excess lip balm is that if the lipstick is applied immediately after putting on the lip balm the pigmentation would not be good and the color of the lipstick tends to become really dull and sheer.

Lord & Berry Semi-Matte Lipstick Mandarino  (3)

Since it’s a really bold and off-beat color many people shy away as it might not suit every skin tone. Although I’ve seen people of almost every skin tone pulling this lip color beautifully. All it requires is confidence and smart usage.

Pros of Lord & Berry Semi-Matte Lipstick- Mandarino :

  • Nice classic packaging.
  • Brilliant color.
  • Great pigmentation.
  • Smooth and creamy texture.

Lord & Berry Semi-Matte Lipstick Mandarino  (4)
Cons of Lord &Berry Semi-Matte Lipstick- Mandarino :

  • Tricky to use color.
  • Bleeds a little.

Lord & Berry Semi-Matte Lipstick Mandarino  (5)
IMBB Rating:


Will I repurchase Lord and Berry Semi-Matte Lipstick- Mandarino ?

Of course YES!! It’s one of my precious possessions and I had got it after such a long hunt!! I might want to stack another one before this finishes out!! 😀 I would really recommend trying this product if you love bold colors!

Hope you guys like my review. Will be back with some more!! Stay happy and beautiful and enjoy life!!!! 😀

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