Loreal Chrome Shine Eyeshadow: Midnight Stars

Loreal Chrome Shine Eyeshadow: Midnight Stars

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Thanks for all the warmth and encouragement you shared on my joining the team. It means everything to me and infact, IMBB is a major part of my life, and hence i landed this opportunity I would say, after almost 3 years now you know. Its pure love for me and my passion for makeup that makes it a lethal combo. Thanks for reading my posts 🙂

Loreal Chrome Shine Eyeshadow Midnight Stars

Today, I am reviewing an eyeshadow I had bought long back but never got the chance to use and review. I have reviewed three others in Chrome Shine and Color Appeal which are singles like these. I think, the most amazing part of these shadows is that, these are very pigmented and build-able and can do very well without a base too. Read my reviews on “Blue Jean”, Cacao Mania, and “Metal Plum”. These are priced at Rs. 450 and not many shades are available in India unfortunately.

shade 2

My experience with Chrome Shine Eyeshadow Midnight Stars:

I had already quite liked the pigmentation of the blue jean one and this one too is great. The shade is like a dirty “khaki”  or sometimes would look like a dirty grey or black too. The whole deal is that this is a dirty khaki-black with loads of golden shimmer to it to make it look duo-chrome.


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The texture feels a little gritty because it is full of shimmer. One swipe can give you enough color though and it can be packed on the lid. If you blend it out, it will really lose the depth and look more like a golden shimmer. So try and pack it on and then leave it like that for a smokey effect.


The texture is so finely milled that there is no fall out, no chalkiness. It is really fun to use this shade as it glistens in light with all the gold in it. You can use this at night and wear a kajal and keep it smokey. I am not wearing a kajal but a pencil liner on the top lid. 🙂


The staying power is decent and very good compared to any other chalky black and khaki you would have tried. It starts to crease after four hours without a base and looks even deeper if you use a black base.


Last word:

Overall, it is value for money. It works great for smokey look, a khaki look, and it glistens gold unlike any other black shadow you would have seen.I really like this unique color, with no fall out, great staying power and awesome pigmentation.Try It!

IMBB Rating:4.5 on 5

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24 thoughts on “Loreal Chrome Shine Eyeshadow: Midnight Stars

  1. Hey Neha i read one article today about saamuthrika lakshanam! apparently it is the indian equuivalent of face reading and it claims that only a few gifted ppl wiil have all features of the face in correct shape and complimeting one another! You must really be one of them i guess looking at the shape of your eyes and lips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wish i had your pic to send out to them and say that i know someone with saamuthrika lakshanam!!!!!!!!!!! and it goes without saying you rocked the eotd! But how do you guys define the outer crease line! I try to draw a line using pencil and fill shadow inside it but somehow doesnt work and my outer crease is always clogged!

  2. Hi Neha, your eyes are so beautiful that any shade will look good on them! By the way what’s the difference between l’oreal chromeshine and infallible eyeshadows? Both have shimmer. I have burning black,endless chocolat and all night blue from infallible range. How many shades chromeshine has?

    1. chrome shines are not like the mousse and powder types infallible are
      chrome ones are like regular tightly packed shadows 🙂
      chrome has 4 shades in India i think
      refer links above 🙂
      all night blue is great na

  3. so agree with these folks. you have such beautiful eyes and lips (sounds so shady but you know what i mean 🙂 :)) that anything would look good on you. But seriously this shade is pretty nice and perhaps i should try a slightly inexpensive option first before i try what you have..

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