L’Oreal Color Appeal Trio Pro: #409 Forever Rosewood

L’Oreal Color Appeal Trio Pro: #409 Forever Rosewood

Tailor made for green eyes.

Hi Ladies,

L’Oreal Color Appeal Trio Pro #409 Forever Rosewood

I am sharing a very versatile product with you today which unfortunately is unavailable in India as of now, to the best of my knowledge. But don’t fret, this product is something you can really do without. It failed to impress me mainly because the shades are absolutely unflattering for my skin tone and complexion, even though I may put on green contact lens to go with the “tailor-made pinks for green eyes.” :stars:

Forever Rosewood

At first I thought, this is going to be first love for me because the packing looked so tempting, convenient and easy to use and carry around. The shades looked oh-so-pretty, three variants of pink and so pigmented, but when I opened it, I had to change my thoughts!

Forever Rosewood

Not that the pinks are bad or not so pigmented, I don’t know pink eyeshadows just don’t excite me. I don’t know how to use them and I very well know I won’t be able to carry them off and the biggest reason being these would look so over the top on me and I will be uncomfortable the whole day long.

Forever Rosewood

The pink comes in three variants in the pot to match with green eyes. I love the concept and hope to see the brown/black eyes version too some day :methinks: There is a nice Barbie pink, a deeper magenta pink and then a plummy pink.  I suppose you can use the lightest in the inner corner, the medium in the centre and the darkest to define eyes and crease work.

Forever Rosewood

When I tried applying them, they showed up as one big blob of pink, no definition or differentiation at all. I thought these won’t be buildbale, but they are! They kept on building up and I was left with such a lot of pink and hence I decided I can never carry it off!

Forever Rosewood

The pinks make for a fabulous blush though, I thought that I had to salvage those colors in there.  The  finish to these is pearl, not so shimmery, no visible shimmer or glitter, but nice pearly sheen to them.  Hence, I can use the lighter pink for highlight on the cheeks and the deeper pink for blush or better, I can swirl a brush on top of the three pinks and I can get a nice pink to use as a blush.

Forever Rosewood

The colors are soft, but not so soft.  In fact, I was hoping for more pigmentation as I have used better things from L’Oreal.  It is not so pigmented like you can see but I think it is buildable. They work best as a shadow on a base though. The staying power is a maximum of four hours with base too. Since these look so mild if not built up, they can crease soon too if used lightly

The packaging is cute, a semi circular applicator, on the top and then another floor down the real colors, something like Colorbar shadows. The round packing makes it very cute too.

Last Word on L’Oreal Color Appeal Trio Pro:

Its really above average, nothing that should tempt you. Its not very soft or pigmented, but the pinky pearly colors can be built up. These could have been softer, honestly. Its too pink to be used as an eyeshadow for my eyes and skin, but I can use it as a mild blush; best used on a base for long lasting effect. Nothing much to hoard, honestly.

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13 thoughts on “L’Oreal Color Appeal Trio Pro: #409 Forever Rosewood

  1. i thot it was a blush only when i first saw the pic 🙂 The shades look pretty nice 🙂 i sumtimes use blush as eyeshadow …will try vice versa 🙂

  2. add me in the list of ‘i thot it was a blush’ 😛 Not a wearable eyeshadow but it definitely looks gorgeous as a product 🙂

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