L’Oréal Color Riche Le Gloss Violet Attitude+Weekend Haul

L’Oréal Color Riche Le Gloss Violet Attitude+Weekend Haul

Add some glamour and allurement to your lips and jazz up your party look with this lip gloss from Loreal Paris. Apart from giving your lips a prominent dazzle, this Loreal Paris Colour Riche Le Gloss also moisturizes your lips. The Red Ravishing – 157 tone is peppy and bold so that you get to augment your vivacity quite effortlessly. The natural and organic ingredients of this lip gloss promise you soft and supple lips that are attractively glossy.
Loreal Color Riche Le Gloss Violet Attitude

A blend of ingredients that includes argan oil, rosa canina fruit oil, vitamin E and ultra-hydrating omega 3 makes this lip gloss highly nourishing. The wonderful combination of glamour and nourishment makes this lip gloss worth having in your handbag wherever you go. This lip gloss is formulated for women who love zesty colours and shine.

Loreal Color Riche Le Gloss Violet Attitude (4)

Directions for Use

Apply the lip gloss evenly on the lips starting from the center of your lower lip; darken the shade as required.
Apply the gloss over a matching lip colour if you wish to get an intense colour pay off along with gloss.

Loreal Color Riche Le Gloss Violet Attitude (2)

INR 550/12ml

I got another of these cute tubes, I really wanted some more loreal and this was it, these juicy tubes give you thick and luscious lip gloss but dont expect much on the pigmentation and staying front though they are much better than lighter bleeding glosses.

The gloss is names violet attitude and it is a light violet and it has silver shimmer in it but mainly it is a light creamy but super glossy and it has that water shine kind of a finish,since it is so thick, there are more chances of this staying longer for its own and on top of lipstick, but otherwise it looks more pigmented in the tube than it actually is in person.
Loreal Color Riche Le Gloss Violet Attitude swatch
Initially I was surprised that it is so thick but when you apply it on, obviously you cannot go ahead with such a thick coat on the lips, this looks fine when blended evenly with the fingers and not directly through the nozzle of the tube.

I like the color, it is a lilac pink kind of violet, it is very young and great for college, it would work better on top of lipsticks. Let me talk about the pigmentation and the staying power, the shade is fine light violet on application, in 40 minutes the color goes on to half, and it survives tea but not meals, then it survives for another one hour with plain clear gloss like finish,so the max you get it 2 hours, and that too with very less color and tint.
lips (1)

Overall it is pretty average, on the thicker side of glosses, and bleeds less,otherwise you can skip this one.

IMBB Rating:

makeup haul (2)
And my weekend haul for IMBB,look out for the reviews, some Faces ultime prolong wear lippies, some mac glosses, lakme glosses and Revlon bb cream :))
makeup haul (1)

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16 thoughts on “L’Oréal Color Riche Le Gloss Violet Attitude+Weekend Haul

  1. I like the color neha di.. I dont own a single gloss from loreal.. have to get one *hifive* *woot* wow.. loved ur haul.. m jealous *drool* *drool* waitin for review of revlon bb cream.. I have high expectations from this one *pompom*

  2. oh my… me drooling over your haul.. *drool* me waiting for faces lippies, bb cream and mac sheen supreme lippie.. *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

  3. *woot* *woot* *woot* fab haul neha di *clap* *happy dance* …waiting for the reviews *pompom* ..n plz do the reviews on the lakme glosses first 😀

  4. Such a drool-worthy haul, lucky lady ! I picked up Lakme Roseate Motive after seeing your lip swatch, and wanted Maybelline Bold Matte lippie 5, which you reviewed, but was out of stock. I also liked Bold Matte 4. Bold Matte 1 and 2 I had already picked up in June from Bangkok. 🙂

    1. Hey Sabrina, I have seen your posts on IMBB and know your love for makeup. Needed a little input from you – if you dont mind…I understand you visit Thailand frequently. I went about a year back, so wanted to check current status on availability and pricing of MAC products in Bangkok Duty Free. I am trying to get hold of a couple of products which are sold-out in Mumbai. How is the pricing of MAC in Thailand v/s india….especially considering Baht is now at 2.1 (almost). I hope you dont take this as an intrusion…

      1. Hi KK. The price of stuff at Bangkok Duty Free is a bit cheaper than outlets in the city. But, as you said, always remember, whenever or wherever you buy stuff in Bkk, you have to double the price to know how much you are actually paying in INR, which is a real dampener. NARS stuff worked out really expensive when I doubled it, even at the airport, but cosmetics at Watsons/Boots were at a discount then, but still worked out a bit more expensive than what it would be sold at in India. Perfumes work out reasonably priced at the Duty Free. I found the prices soaring when I purchased stuff at the Beauty Hall at Siam Paragon (when I converted the prices), but if you don’t convert then you can shop happily and without guilt! Hope this helps.

        1. Oh am sorry, you were referring to MAC ! I didn’t visit MAC duty-free at Bkk airport, however, I found them quite highly priced at the city, esp. after doubling the amount. I think you’d be better off picking up your MAC stuff in India itself. 🙂

    1. Its so much fun to do a haul….I come home and put up a display and just drool….when time permits, of course!!

      My gloss days are over, else would definitely have tried this product.

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