L’Oreal Color Riche Pure Reds Star Collection Pure Fire Lipstick Review

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L’Oreal lipsticks never fascinated me – because there were hardly any bright and bold shades available here in India. Well, that was until they launched their moist matte range and their newly revamped infallible collection of lipsticks. I feel that L’Oreal has finally understood that the Indian women like bright and bold lip colors, and now they have launched an all new range of lipsticks consisting of all bright red shades. This new range has a whole range of red lipsticks that are chosen by 7 iconic L’Oreal Paris ambassadors. So, there is a red lipstick available in different hues for each and every lady. Basically, Loreal is giving you no reason, to not have a red lipstick that will flatter you, with their wide range dedicated only to the color RED.

LOREAL in pure fire

LOREAL in pure fire

Today I will be reviewing the shade Pure Fire from the Color Riche Collection Star Red Lipstick range endorsed by Li Bing Bing.


Rs.995 for 4.2g.

LOREAL in pure fire


LOREAL in pure fireClaims:

L’Oreal Paris starts the new year painting 2015 RED! Presenting the Color Riche Collection Star range. A rouge for every woman. Discover a shade of red that is as unique as you are! The range includes 7 exquisite matte shades that are chosen by 7 ionic L’Oréal Paris ambassadors. The Collection is created with a revolutionary and innovative formula that delivers bold, luscious color that lasts for a full 6 hours, making it the ultimate beauty indulgence. The range is enriched with new Light Illum complex that delivers a rich matte effect. The Velvet Fusion capsules and Ultra Gliding Shine Oils provide smooth and silky application. Pure pigments deliver intense color and Jojoba oil gives perfect hydration up to 4 hours.

My Experience with L’Oreal Color Riche Pure Reds Star Collection Pure Fire Lipstick:

L’Oreal Star Red Lipstick comes in a classy black plastic packaging with a golden cylinder sleeve holding the lipstick bullet inside. The black cap is signed by the shade ambassador. It has a color coded button indicating the shade of the lipstick; enabling easy identification of the shade you are looking for in your makeup stash. I love the classy black, sleek packaging of this lipstick range – that looks like the classy black twin of their rose gold packaged moist matte lipstick range. The bullet of this lipstick has a blunt snout end to it – which is again similar to the moist matte lip bullet. The shade name and number is mentioned on the bottom sticker of the lipstick.

LOREAL in pure fire

Pure Fire is a gorgeous orangish-red lip color sans any shimmer or sheen. It is a perfect red lipcolor with the right amount of orange; for people who love orangish lip shades like me and for people who cannot muster up the courage to wear a full blown red lipstick. It is not a neon shade, but nevertheless is a bright shade that will suit all skin toned beauties. This shade alone can perk up your face without the help of any other makeup.

The texture of this lipstick is explained through it’s name itself – Moist Matte. The texture is similar to the moist matte lipsticks – that is really smooth and soft on application. It is soft, but not the creamy-soft kind that crumbles easily. It is a non-drying matte lipstick. If you hate matte lipsticks then you should definitely try out a lipstick from this range as it might change your perspective regarding matte lipsticks. These matte lipsticks don’t dry out your lips or look tacky by the end of the day. This Moist Matte Star Red lipstick doesn’t settle into the fine lines of the lips and emphasize them and is quite forgiving on dry lips too.

LOREAL in pure fire

Pigmentation of Pure Fire is really good – one swipe gives rich, opaque color and you need not keep layering the color to make it stand out. This lip color feels really light on the lips, like as though you have nothing on your lips. A few minutes after application the color sets to a smudgeproof finish and just doesn’t bleed or budge.

LOREAL in pure fire

The staying power of the lipstick is really good. It lasts for a good 5-6 hours on the lips with gradual and even fading. The color stains the lips beautifully that lasts even longer. The lipstick does fade after meals, but the stain still leaves some color alive on the lips.

This lipstick has a mild floral fragrance to it, which fades away within a minute of application which doesn’t bother much.

LOREAL in pure fire

LOREAL in pure fire

Pros of L’Oreal Color Riche Pure Reds Star Collection Pure Fire Lipstick:

  • Classy black packaging.
  • Color coded button enables easy identifiction of the shade.
  • Gorgeous orangish-red lip color.
  • No shimmer or sheen.
  • Smooth and soft texture.
  • Easy to apply, doesn’t tug and pull on application.
  • Non drying, matte formula.
  • Doesn’t settle into fine lines of the lips.
  • Highly pigmented.
  • Doesn’t budge or bleed.
  • Feels light on the lips.
  • Lasts long.
  • Leaves a beautiful stain behind.
  • Mild, floral fragrance that fades away quickly.

Cons of

L’Oreal Color Riche Pure Reds Star Collection Pure Fire Lipstick:

  • Expensive.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Recommend L’Oreal Color Riche Pure Reds Star Collection Pure Fire Lipstick?

Overall, L’Oreal Color Riche Collection Star Red Lipstick in the shade Pure Fire is a gorgeous orangish-red lipcolor, which has an amazing non-drying, smooth texture with excellent pigmentation and staying power. If you like matte lipsticks then you will love this lipstick. And even if you are not a big fan of matte lipsticks – thinking they will dry out the lips, then you should definitely try out this lipstick range. It might change your entire perspective about matte lipsticks and make you fall in love with them!!!

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