L’Oreal Colour Riche Balm 819 Caramel Comfort Review, Swatches

L’Oreal Colour Riche Balm 819 Caramel Comfort

Tell me girls, how many lippies have you bought and tossed just to find your natural n*de shade or your perfect Red??? I know… Even I’ve got so many duds. Either the shade is wrong and when the shade is right, there are other things.. grrrrr

loreal caramel comfort lip balm

When I got the Revlon lip butters , I was beyond happy. They are a perfect mediator for lipstick and balm. Around the same time, Loreal came out with the Color Riche collection. Although I absolutely hate Loreal lipsticks, I decided to give this a chance. 🙂

Claims: L’Oreal Color Riche Balms are slightly tinted, glossy balms available in 8 shades. Color Riche Balms have SPF 15 and contain Shea Butter as a moisturizing agent. L’Oreal promises that this balm will give kissable, luscious color that will smooth the lips instantly, all while delivering 8 full hours of continuous hydration, resulting in lips that are softer and more supple.

caramel comfort lip balm l'oreal

Packaging: I love the packaging. A square, gold base with gold twist up mechanism is matched up with a caramel brown , translucent, plastic cap that snaps on securely. The cap slants slightly and features the word “Balm” in gold lettering, written sideways. so it looks fab and is also sturdy. the cap color matches the shade within 🙂

Cost: from $6-9. I got mine for $7.95

loreal color riche balm

My experience : I honestly got this just for comparing with the Revlon butters. This was purely for the blogger in me. When I applied it for the 1st time, I was honestly pleased. The balm was really soft and glided on my lips. yayyy. The shade I chose was also great. Its my MLBB. yess!!! Its the perfect pinky-brown for me. (another win) . Its a very nice neutral, creamy textured balm. So creamy that it melted in my purse in the heat 🙁 but I still liked it. I wore it everwhere that week. That being said, there are too many dynamics to this. The staying power is extremely low. it vanishes off my lips in no time. so is the color pay-off. It just imparts a light color and a lot of lip- moisturizer. That’s a huge turn-off. Doesn’t Color riche mean rich in color??? This totally contradicts the claims -right??? but it leaves the softness for a while. honestly, I’d say you don’t really need these in your life. If you have a clear lip balm and a lip liner of your choice, you’re better off. I’m saying this coz Loreal will definately launch this worldwide, and a lot of you might want this.

loreal color riche balm caramel comfort

– Really creamy and soft.
– No ridiculous shimmer so great for work or formal dos.
– Makes the lips look much smoother and healthier.
– This one smells and tastes like Caramel. I don’t know what the other shades taste like 😛
– The do condition the lips as claimed.
– has SPF 15.
– Contains Agran oil, Rose oil and Shea butter
– Classy packaging.

caramel comfort lips

– L’Oreal products are tested on animals, and this balm contains non-vegan ingredients such as carmine.
– Color pay-off is really bad.
– Absolutely no staying power.
– This is going to get over very very soon.
– So creamy that it melts off.
– $8 for a lip-balm 🙁

Verdict: honestly, lip balms which are much better in consistency and lip-conditions are available for a dollar or so. I’d say, skip it 🙂

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24 thoughts on “L’Oreal Colour Riche Balm 819 Caramel Comfort Review, Swatches

  1. It looks great on ur lips!! But yes I agree, one would rather go for the inexpensive tinted lip balms 🙂

  2. Bee I loved the color. Even though you said that these are not worth a pick, I am quite tempted to try. I have sort of started liking tinted lip balms. 😀 Totally liking the color on your lips. hihih I agree with the ” blogger in me” thing 😛 Good morning. 🙂

  3. Oooh these balm thingiea are so attractive, makes me wann buy them. But I dont buy loreal because it tests on animals :-/ gande. Nice review, the colour suits u a lot 🙂

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