Loreal Colour Riche Lipstick Shade 339 Red Rhapsody Review

Loreal Colour Riche Lipstick Shade 339 Red Rhapsody Review

Hi ladies , 🙂

I got this L’Oreal lipstick in last winters, December 2010, when red lipsticks were such a rage, but I guess, a beautiful red lipstick never goes out of vogue 🙂

Loreal Colour Riche Lipstick Shade 339 Red Rhapsody Review


• L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Lipstick gives long lasting dazzling and sensuous colour, leaving lips smooth and shaped to perfection.

• Indulge in the colour of pure luxury. Colour riche nurturing & protective lip colour is now richer, creamier and more moisturising than ever before.  In addition to nourishing ingredients like omega 3 and vitamin E, the formula has been enriched with Argan oil to condition and soften lips.

• Your lips are soft, smooth, and ultra hydrated.

• With a spectrum of new and improved 54 gorgeous shades in sophisticated new packages, the colour riche lip colour offers a shade that’s perfect for every look and any occasion.


Packed with ultra-hydrating Omega 3, conditioning Vitamin E & moisturising Argon oil, Colour Riche Lip colour keeps lips soft, smooth and supple.





INR 720, I got this online for around Rs. 600.


3.6 gm.



Red rhapsody is a very rich, blue-based red. I wanted a classic deep red that would not be too orange on my fair cool/neutral skin tone. This was perfect, but I am not really sure if this shade is available in India.



The lipstick comes in a classy golden packaging which I really like.



Single swipe + no flash.


The pigmentation of this L’Oreal colour riche lipstick is INTENSE! It has to be one of the most/superbly pigmented lipstick I have used till date. Just one swipe and you are done. With 2-3 swipes, it gives absolutely opaque coverage. It has a slight fragrance, but it does not bother me. The texture is so creamy and the lipstick is decently moisturising too. I prefer to apply it over a nude lip liner, lip primer, and with a lip brush, to tone down the colour a bit. This way, it lasts for good 3-4 hours and gives that strong, classic red lip. You can also use a red lip liner for a rather dramatic look. I would suggest that you must use a lip liner with a red lipstick, be it nude/red. Firstly, since a red lipstick attracts a lot of attention, so you need to properly shape them and secondly, colors like red/fuchsia tend to bleed, so a lip liner keeps them in place.  The lipstick is matte finish, but since it’s very creamy, it has a little shine too, but that can be dealt with by blotting your lips with a tissue. For me this shad, Red Rhapsody is just perfect. It’s a very rich, blue-based red. I wanted a classic deep red that would not be too orange on my fair cool/neutral skin tone. The lipstick is very soft and tends to melt if I don’t keep it in the refrigerator. The beautiful classy gold packaging is an added cherry on the cake and adds a luxurious feel to the lipstick 😀

Overall, I am in love with this red lipstick and also fairly impressed with the quality of this range, so I am definitely getting more shades in these.


• Superb pigmentation.
• With its great creamy texture, the lipstick just glides on the lips.
• Moisturising enough, so the need to apply a lip balm to moisturise your lips is minimal.
• Classy golden packaging, I love this red and gold combination 😀
• Available in a large number of shades.
• I couldn’t find parabens in the list of ingredients.


• Being a L’Oreal product, it’s a little expensive.
• I doubt if the shade has been launched in India at all.
• Since the lipstick is very creamy, the staying power is not more than 3-4 hours.
• L’Oreal tests on animals .


4 on 5 :-* :-* :-* :-*

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    1. thnkuu pooonam…
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  11. very pretty shade nupuriii n a similar nice review… i have a loreal black encasing vala red lippi n i soo soo soo luv it :inlove: …. this seems a really bright shade n wud luk so pretty on ur fair skintone.. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

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