L’Oreal Endless Lipstick: Violet Attitude

L’Oreal Endless Lipstick: Violet Attitude

L’Oreal Endless Lipstick Violet Attitude

Yes, I have been hoarding all kinds of L’Oreal lipsticks off late and to be honest, I am really moving towards plums and soft mauves and deeper grape shades these days after my session with creamy rusts and corals; maybe I move in cycles, but I discovered that plums and deeper mauves look very sophisticated on a clear skin (by which I mean free of pigmentation and pimples :toothygrin: ) and that can be of any skin complexion.

golden case

I am really loving matte mauves and plums with a simple jet black winged liquid liner and the look always stays a classic for me because of the very early lessons in lipsticks I may have learnt watching ladies wear Lakme instaliner and a grape matte lipstick and then perhaps later on matte corals and browns.  These left an early impression on me which I still cherish.


L’Oreal lipsticks are honestly a little overpriced (got this one for Rs. 715), but somehow, they always remain a classic.  They have been coming up with fabulous young ones like the “Shine Glee,” but this one in “Endless” was a very late discovery for me.


These are so much like Lakme Nine to Five with classic reds and plums and violets like this one.  By the way, its my second “Endless” lipstick (I have reviewed “Boundless Bronze” already), so overall the impression remains the same.


Swatch 1

The lipsticks are a matte-lover’s haven and soft mauve lovers too.  The classic gold packaging and the shiny golden top is pretty, but very common, so much like our Nine to Five.  You won’t believe that even the texture is so Nine to Five, the shape a flat top, which by the way is my favourite for ease of application; and the finish again so much like Nine to Five  :pray:  sigh!

lip swatch 1

lip swatch 2

The shade is a soft plum-mauve kind of color and it is an absolutely matte base. What sets this lipstick apart is that it has a duochrome sheen to it in gold. So, after you apply this lipstick, the lipstick kind of sets, again very much like Nine to Five ones and there is no shine to it. It goes matte and sticky too since it sets, but then, you can see a very mild gold sheen to it. I don’t find the lipstick pigmented and I have used better plums and mauves.

The lipstick glides on very well, but it feels stiff and not creamy and I find the need to swipe it on and on to get a real mauve shade from it.  The lipstick is very good for office, but be careful because it can make you look very dull and sallow in complexion, keep it away from pigmented skin and a dull day. It is best suited to clear skin and people who can carry blue-based plums, though this one is pinky in day light.

The lipstick sets after application which makes it a little sticky honestly and the lipstick stayed for about say four to five hours without meals.  The lipstick doesn’t transfer much and that is a very good feature of these “Endless”  lipsticks.  Perhaps the name comes from the long-staying texture and the setting nature.  It smells so much like “L’Oreal” and Lakme and I think L’Oreal should do away with this feature, especially with my favourite “Color Riche Creme” ones (read review on “Beige Creme”).

swatch 2

Last Word on L’Oreal Endless Lipstick:  Violet Attitude:

Matte, plum, and long-staying lipstick lovers may want to check this one out. This lipstick is overpriced for an average pigmented lipstick, the gold sheen to it makes it quite unique.  This is a very classic shade, but honestly, our very own Lakme Nine to Five lipsticks can give it a run for its money. Nothing that you may want to spend Rs. 715 on.  Do check out a classic reddish color in sangria from the same range.

(pictures taken in natural and artificial light, so the shade looks pinker in natural).

IMBB Rating:

3.5 on 5

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