L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil for Colored Hair Review

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L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil for Colored Hair

Hello Beauty Lovers!

Today I’m going to review a hair oil for colored hair. I maintain my hair long and colored so I have to nourish them with oils and masks much more than anyone who has shorter or non-colored hair.If you are someone who loves your hair and has them colored often, this review is for you!


Product Description:

L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil for colored hair
• 6 precious extracts of flowers+UV filter
• Sublime hair enhancer
• 3in1 use
A hair oil specifically designed for dry or damaged hair.
Use before shampooing as a mask, before blow-drying for protection or when styling as a finishing touch.


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Enriched with 6 precious flower oils, the extra rich formula deeply penetrates the hair fiber for ultimate nourishment and protection, leaving hair looking luxuriously shiny and healthy.


390 THB for 100Ml.

My Experience with L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil for Colored Hair:

I have had colored hair but still never manage to find the holy grail products to maintain and nourish my hair. Most of the products I have found, make my hair dry and rough and do nothing for my hair. I first tried this hair oil without any expectations but it worked well with my dry and damaged hair. L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil for colored hair comes in a glass bottle with the pump which is easy to use. The pump helps you to control the quantity of the oil you want to apply. The pump comes with the lock protection, so no worries about being able to carry the bottle in your travel bag.

I tried using this product on my dry hair, and found it okay, but not as good as it claims in the description. so I tried using it another way during the second time. The second time I tried using it after drying my hair 50% and I noticed a huge difference. My hair type is actually dry normally. After applying the oil (I have long hair so it takes 3 pumps), I found my hair shiny and weighed down. It looks naturally healthy.

The smell of the oil is not too strong; I have used some hair products that smell too strong and are quite disturbing. However this oil does not change the hair texture and quality during the long run, this works only as long as you apply the oil. After washing my hair, it gets back to the same condition. I think other treatments, regularly hair steaming and masks along healthy diet would be the best way to nourish and maintain healthy hair!

Pros of L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil for Colored Hair:

• It helps colored hair to appear shiny and healthy.
• I am able to use before it dries totally on a regular day outing.
• The packaging is not too big to carry.
• It gives a smooth touch to the hair, unlike some oils which might be oily or sticky.
• It is travel-friendly with the pump lock protection.
• Solves my disheveled hair problem cause of dryness.
• Contained UV filter.
• Perfect for colored hair and also all types of hair.
• Rich nourishment for dry and damaged hair.

Cons of L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil for Colored Hair:

• The result is not permanent, you have to deeply nourish your hair to maintain the health of your hair.
• The cost is quite expensive compared to the quantity.

Will I repurchase L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil for Colored Hair?

Surely, I would repurchase this product from L’Oreal and recommend this to my friends as well!

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  1. Hi, u can use Jojoba Oil mixed with some essential oil like geranium. Works wonders for hair. I get my hair colored every 3 month. So the damage is also huge. This kinds protects them locks 🙂

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