L’oreal Fresh Dust Dry Shampoo Review

Hi Everyone, 🙂

I have been using the L’oreal Fresh Dust Dry Shampoo for a while and here’s my review. 🙂

loreal dry shampoo review
Price : Rs 950 for 150 ml

Claims : Texturising dry shampoo. Create big airy volume and fresh texture with light style control. Instantly makes hair feel and smell fresh. Long lasting effect.

Directions : Shake before use. Spray onto the roots and work in the product evenly. To restore volume spray approximately 20 cm away from hair. Brush your hair to remove any excess product.


Loreal dry shampoo ingredients

My Experience :

I bought a dry shampoo because I go to the gym atleast 4 days a week and I was shampooing my hair way too many times during the week. Not only it is not advised to shampoo your hair daily, the whole process of drying them up and then styling them was too much of a task. I saw this at a salon the other day and I had to give it a go. It’s my first dry shampoo so I don’t have anything to compare it to. I absolutely love this product. 🙂

So before I start this is how my hair looks. It’s a day old hair after using the dry shampoo. But I went to the gym the day before so my roots were a bit greasy. Pretty good I’d say.


And just for the review purpose I didn’t wash my hair for another 2 days. Very bad but I couldn’t help it. 😛 Last evening I had to go meet a friend and my hair looked like a grease ball. So I used it and it totally freshened up my hair. Since my hair were very greasy it did not add volume but my hair looked decent. Not oily atleast. I tied my hair up in a pony and mainly concentrated spraying the dry shampoo on  the front and side sections of my hair. My hair didn’t look greasy at all. Although I would say that heaviness of unwashed hair was still there. I’d still give it a big thumbs up because there was no way I could have gone out with the hair I had yesterday evening.

I’d would also like to mention that depending on the dry shampoo for a whole week is not a best thing to do. One, because it’s after all a chemical product and you would want to wash it off to get rid of the build up. Two, this is not a solution for the fresh washed hair. It’s more like a substitute product for your regular hair washing once in a while.

loreal india fresh dust dry shampoo review

Coming to the Pros and Cons

  • It’s a great product for emergency when you don’t have time to wash your hair.
  • It’s pretty easy to use. Just spray it on your roots from distance and it would soak up the oil for your roots and leave your hair fresh.
  • Smells quite refreshing.
  • Adds a bit of texture to the hair. Also, if you hair is not too oily, it would also add volume to hair.
  • Does not have any color. It’s pretty much a hair spray.
  • Haven’t cause any hair fall or any irritation on my scalp.
  • Comes in an easy spray bottle. It’s sleek so you can travel with it. Although I’d love if they come in smaller packs as well.
  • Is transparent.
  • It lasts all day long on me. But I guess that would also depend on how quickly your scalp gets oily. I don’t have an oily scalp in general.

loreal fresh dust dry shampoo review

Cons :

  • Full of chemicals. Contains alcohol.

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11 thoughts on “L’oreal Fresh Dust Dry Shampoo Review

  1. You know i just feel good if i wash my hair every alternate day *happy dance* *happy dance* it just freshens up or else i feel damn lazy *hihi* *hihi* thank you sooo much for this suggestion *happydance* *happydance* i am immediately getting this *happy dance* *happy dance* on the way to finish the batiste dry shampoo and can’t get one more *headbang* coz not available here *cry*

  2. even I need to wash my oily hair very frequently. will be trying it out. this dry shampoo thing was out of my belief but since you recommend it, I wanna go for it

  3. Was so anxiously waiting for this review n was excited thru it till I reached the very last words…contains alcohol! Considering I’m struggling with hairfall, it would b stupid to pick this. I so badly wanted this!!!!! *waaa*

  4. Loved your selfie 🙂 , your review is just on time I have oily scalp and am searching for a good option here *haan ji* , definitely picking this up thanks for the review *happy dance*

  5. Rati, It comes in a small tiny travel bottle as well for 345/-…. Just saw it today!!
    Not buying though, I have that Lush drought dry shampoo sitting pretty on my table…

  6. Hi Rati.. I just stumbled upon this review on IMBB. i would like to point out some important findings herein.
    Most of the dry shampoos including Dove, loreal Techni Art, Batiste all contains similar ingredients like Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Propane, Coumarine, Hexyl Cinnamal.
    One of the most common allergens. may cause depigmentation & hives.
    Butylphenyl Methylpropional:
    Its use in cosmetics is restricted due to concerns over irritation and allergic reactions.

    I have a bit of knowledge about cosmetics ingredients & I find most of the dry shampoos to be bad!

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