L’oreal Infalliable Eyeshadow Permanent Kaki Review, Swatches

L’oreal Infalliable Eyeshadow Permanent Kaki

Hi everyone!!!

You know I have been crazy about L’Oreal infallible eye shadow range recently. I have already reviewed it in Endless Chocolat and Flashback Silver. This is the third color I got and I am very excited to review it.

l'oreal khaki eyeshadow

About the product: (from the website)

Make a long lasting impression without batting an eye.
Infallible eye shadows contain ultra concentrated color pigments, for an intense color finish and upto 24 hour long-lasting hold.

loreal infalliable eyeshadow khaki

Colors available:

  •  Forever pink
  •  Endless chocolate
  •  Purple obsession
  •  Permanent kaki
  •  Hourglass beige
  •  All night blue
  •  Burning black
  •  Flashback silver
  •  Eternal black

Price: Rs 450

Quantity: 3.5 gram

Shelf life: 24 months

loreal infalliable eyeshadow khaki

My take on this eye shadow:

I love green eye shadows. Whenever I see a beautiful green or khaki color, I can’t stop myself from buying it. I swatched this eye shadow in the store and I liked it so much that it just took me a minute to buy it.

Permanent kaki is an olive green color with brown undertones. It is more of a neutral taupe green rather than bright rich green color. It has a very subtle shimmer it has a metallic finish when used on the lids; the glitter is barely visible. It will flatter all skin tones and will look lovely when paired with bronze or golden color. I t can be used for green smoky eyes. I am absolutely in love with this color. It can be worn both at parties (when paired with gold and bronze) and daily.

It comes in a small cute transparent, sturdy, glass tub with a screw cap. The shade name is written very clearly on the lid and the tub being transparent; it is very easy to locate the color. It has a black pan inside to prevent drying of the eye shadow and keep it in pressed form. The packaging is travel friendly.

The texture of this eyeshadow is velvety and buttery soft. I expected it to be messy, because of being loose eye shadow. But, it isn’t powdery and chalky at all and has creamy finish on the lids. It glides on the lids like butter. It blends very beautifully and easily. It doesn’t form uneven patches at all. This eye shadow is packed better with finger than eye shadow brush. There was a very slight fall out.

The staying power of this eye shadow is amazing and the best thing about this eye shadow. It lasts on my oily lids for the 6-8 hours without any primer with no fading or creasing. It will easily stay on lids the entire day when used with a primer. The eye shadow is well pigmented. Single swipe gives the required color.

And now the swatches:

loreal khaki eyeshadow
(Single swipe, without primer)


  •  I love the color, a perfect olive green color with metallic finish. It can be worn both at parties and daily. It is a lovely neutral taupe green.
  •  The texture is buttery soft and velvety
  •  It glides on the lids beautifully and easily
  •  Doesn’t form uneven patches.
  •  Staying power is awesome. It stays on my lids for 6-8 hours without primer.
  •  No fading
  •  No creasing
  •  Packaging is very cute and travel friendly. The tub is transparent
  •  The pan inside the tub prevents drying of the eye shadow and keeps the powder pressed.
  •  Will last for a very long time


  • Price is the only con I can think of.

Imbb rating:

Will I repurchase/do I recommend?
Yes. I have already got 3 eye shadows from this range and I am absolutely in love with all the three. You should try these because of the amazing texture, staying power and color range.

Hope you like my review. 🙂

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21 thoughts on “L’oreal Infalliable Eyeshadow Permanent Kaki Review, Swatches

    1. Thanks Dolon. 🙂
      Endless chocolate is a very pretty color. I myself love Purple Obsession. i am just trying to control myself from getting it 😛 i think Forever pink has some pigmentation problem. please check before ordering it.

  1. you know i was staring at this color at the counter a few days back but then was not sure of it. I am so glad you reviewed it. :)) It’s a fabuuuulous shade. I love khakis so much. :))

    1. Thanks Rati di 🙂 Its a beautiful color. I got fond of khakis and neutrals only because of imbb. i never knew they look so pretty. earlier, i used to be mad bout loud and bright colors. but, now i love such colors 🙂
      I am glad this review is of help to u and you liked the shade. 🙂

  2. nice review surbhi, will check out the color and pick it up next time – why do u think price is a con ? also u spoke about the use of this color for green smokey eyes – do u know how to do it…pls do share..thanks

    1. Thanks Pooja 🙂
      I mentioned price as a con because the price is more in comparison to other bra*nds like f*aces, maybel*ine and freedom system of Ingl*t. otherwise, these eyeshadows are totally worth it.
      I am not an expert in smoky eyes Pooja. i am just learning from IMBB. but, i can say that it will totally work as the neutral color required in combination with any glittery bright green and black.

    2. I have seen tutorials of smoky eyes here on Imbb and because of that, i am sure it can be used for green smoky eyes, but how to do it, that i dont know myself yet. I am sorry. 🙁

    1. Thanks Bhumika 🙁
      Yes, i read it on the net too Bhumika. it so sad. they have launched limited shades here in india. 🙁

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