L’Oreal Magic Lumi Concealer Review

L’Oreal Magic Lumi Concealer Review

If the beauty consensus is to be taken seriously, almost 3 in 5 women everywhere suffer from dark under eye circles and I have had this love affair with them since eons now 🙁 These days while going out, I may go all bare faced, but I don’t forget my concealer (I know….SAD!!!)


While roaming around CVS a few months back, I saw this on display and my mind was like “OMG a dupe for the YSL. yayy”

Product Description:

Studio Secrets Magic Lumi Concealer highlights contours while playing down imperfections, Instantly enlightens shadows and dark circles and illuminates corners and brows for a wide-awake effect.


$11.99 (all drugstores).

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My Experience with L’Oreal Magic Lumi Concealer:

It is a lovely rose gold pen type tube with a twisty bottom and a brush top that dispenses the product. I bought it in the shade “medium.” I normally like my MAC prolong wear concealer, but it can be a hassle when you have to “come down in 15 minutes, be quick!!!” you know what I mean!

Concealer Pen

Texture wise, it is more liquid and one can easily go overboard with it. I generally use it under my eyes because it is too thin to be used to cover blemishes. I blend it either with my ring finger or a fluffy eye brush. Although it does its job well, I cannot help but wonder that this works more like a highlighter.

Concealer Pen 1

It brightens the area more than covering it, so on days, when my dark circles are really dark and dull, it gives me gray cast. Also, I need to use a moisturizer before as I have noticed sometimes it sinks in those fine lines. Not one of my favourite products, but I like that it is effortless and saves me time.

Concealer Pen 2

Concealer Pen 4

Summing up:

Pros of L’Oreal Magic Lumi Concealer:

  • Really easy to apply.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Highlights better than camouflages (is that a pro or a con??)
  • Relatively easy on the pocket.

Cons of L’Oreal Magic Lumi Concealer:

  • Since every brand and their mothers are making similar concealers, this is very dupable 😛
  • In my opinion, its just good for touch-ups and going to the beach and stuff; not for picture days and functions where you want to look perfect!
  • Settles in fine lines.
  • Sometimes gives a gray cast.  You tell me, how does it look in the pictures???


L’Oreal advertises well, so like me, anyone can get excited for this product.  Try it if you want something shiny in your purse.

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    1. Jomol, Can u pl provide your email id?
      I posted a query long back but havent received any reply yet.. even on FB it did that to get a no response..
      Wanna write a review, but just wanna check out with you first if you would accept the product for a review..
      Pl reply

  1. Beeni.. Seems like a nice product..Since I dont have very dense dark circles, I think it will help..
    Nice review!!

  2. i love these type of concealers beeno. so good to see your review after many days. it does highlight your undereye area.. :)) “Since every brand and their mothers are making similar concealers, this is very dupable ” hihihih 😛 😛 good review :-*

  3. Hey Bee .. yup i agree … this highlightes better and concealing 🙂 .. but u don’t need much of concealing anyway 🙂 lovely piccys 🙂 very nicely explained .. 🙂 .. will definately give this ine a try cuz i like subtle highlighters 🙂 thanks for sharing .. 🙂

  4. This looks decent. And i liked the packaging.
    Can anyone suggest a good concealer for mild dark circles? I am 23 and have oily skin.

  5. very nicely written Beeni! but I had high hopes with this one! this works well on you, I can say from piccys 🙂

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