L’Oreal Open Eyes Pro Blue Harmony Review

L’Oreal Open Eyes Pro Blue Harmony Review

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L’Oreal Open Eyes Pro Blue Harmony Review

This is my second L’Oreal Open Eyes Pro quad since I was quite happy with the 06 number. There was a slight issue that I found about the language not being in English due to which I could not get the name of the quad. As of now, I googled it in 04 number and found it to be “Blue Harmony.”  Half of the quads I saw at the counter were with names not mentioned in English, never mind, I still picked up two of them.


They are expensive, honestly speaking. I don’t how many times we buy a shadow costing us 700 rupees, but think it over like that, you get four gorgeous colors from a brand like L’Oreal and also colors that are smooth and super pigmented and bowl you over when you apply it. Believe it or not, I find them good enough to be applied with fingers too and that is what I have done in the pics. I have some simple eye brushes from ELF and Bh Cosmetics and the like, but nothing fancy, but still, that does not hold me back from wearing eyeshadow and like wise should be with you.


There are some 6 to 7 shades available in these by which I mean quads with brilliant colors in three shades from the same color family and a very shimmery neutral one like a white or pearl shade for highlight. The shades available I think are Smokey Brown, Beige Harmony, Green Harmony, Blue Harmony, Plum Harmony and one Indigo I believe.  I am seriously eyeing the “Smokey Brown” and “Beige Harmony” for anytime wear minus the shimmer shade given in it. I don’t know why I bought the other colors.

blue harmony

Well, I am sure, I will be using this too a lot since I absolutely love blues and especially the deeper black is so perfect for crease work with any shadow and even to dab it on top of a smudged black eye pencil for just a soft smokey effect, which I would wear to say grocery store :snicker: I don’t like wearing plain eye pencils which make my eyes look very blunt.  I love sharper liners, preferably gels and liquids and some wing to it all the time, I am stuck with it.

blue harmony

The quad comes in a very pretty blue casing.  There is a highly shimmery, loose kind of a shade, which I use under the brow bone.  This shade has loose glitter to it which is “rainbow color” type.  Then, there is a pretty light blue which is above average in pigmentation when you swatch it, but when I tried it on the lids, it comes out very well. I can use this to highlight the inner corner and maybe in the centre of the lid for brightness. Do as you like. I just use it anyway I like and not like what is mentioned on the pack.

blue harmony

The medium blue in between is the most favourite of mine.  I totally love it and I use it over black pencils and mainly for the outer half of the lid. Both the medium and the light blue are shimmer shades, but the shimmer is not loose like that highlight shade.  Then, comes the gorgeous black, which is very pigmented, so I try to go easy on it. The black is very deep with silver shimmer in it. I really love this one.

blue harmony

Why I chose this over the trios is that these give you more choice and if you have limited shadows with you, then you can go ahead and use just a single shade from this and maybe mix and match for bigger occasions. These are better than singles that I have reviewed in “Metal Plum,” which cost you more than Rs. 400 and still give you limited choice, hence this quad.  I do agree it is a bit overpriced at Rs. 700/-, but you get some four varieties of blues in there.

There is a very cute part of this shadow that I liked and that is the tiny mirror which is very clear and you can see your one eye it and may be touch-up makeup too. The applicator is simple, one side for precise liner application and another one which is a regular shadow applicator side. All in all, the packing is very sturdy too and I totally love L’Oreal eyeshadow quads more than their singles. By the way, that reminds me, I have some “chrome intensity” singles from Australia, which are so pigmented that they literally melt me away.  I am yet to review them, but the Indian market has the “Color Appeal” singles, which are good too, but not as great.

blue harmony

blue harmony


The staying power is good for me, around four to five hours without base and without any obvious creasing too. These don’t need a base for the color to show up and are very build-able too. These shadows are not those types, which “set” once they are blended, they still stay powdery. I recommend this look for clubbing for all you young girls 😛 not that I am old, I am just 27 :preen:, but I don’t go clubbing so 🙄

blue harmony

Last Word on L’Oreal Open Eyes Pro Blue Harmony:

Apart from the cost, I don’t think anything should hold you back from getting this shadow. These pigmented, soft, and creamy kind of shadows give you a lot of variety with glamour and staying power. I like the sturdy packaging too. Do try these at the counter.

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